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    Development Update 19.04.2017

    Great work! Keep it up =)
  2. Hi Athena, Thanks for the fast response and all the information =) Keep doing what you are doing!
  3. Hi Athena, Great work! I'm a contributor and got some questions. 1. On the site, under "contributor" the logs are showing more uploads then I submitted myself. I presume I can see everyone's uploads? 2. Under "Census Data" and "Server choice" On the two graphs at the bottom, would it be possible to create an option to see actual players online, instead of 7 different classes? And at the same time add a mouseover function that shows the time, more specific then whats there right now. And also specify what timezone you are using? 3. When ingame, should i purge/delete between each upload? Or should i just scan time after time and upload the same (bigger) file over and over? Hope to hear from you =) And again LOVE the work you are doing =) Edit: Just to be clear and not confuse you, I'm not a contributor with this username. My username on the site is Shayolghul =)
  4. Yelloweyes

    Financial Report: Hardware Costs

    Have donated, and will continue to do so through the paypal method going forward. Thanks for all your hard work. Question: The progress bar on the donation page, does it show the progress of the "Web hosting" only? Or does it include game servers? As the wise man i'm quoting says, the sum for the servers is too large for the average Joe to cover, so an option to contribute to a pool that you use to pay the game servers would be better.