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  1. ur always welcome back to LH if u change ur mind
  2. When you are reduced to name-calling it is the most graceless way of admitting you have no argument.
  3. Yes. We've been told that all characters on ZK who don't log on during the transfer period will be transferred to Elysium automatically. That seems to have been the community's consensus that Elysium was the best default option. Now, just yesterday they decide Elysium is not going to be the default option and that they've opted for Anathema instead. No reason has been stated. I'd like to see at least one reason so everyone understands the decision.
  4. I have no reason to doubt that you want to act to the best interests of the community. I thank you and your team members for your hard work. I only ask that your communication be less vague and not lack detail because I believe openness to server decisions would be better for the interests of the community. I am not asking for a thesis. Just in your own words (or your team's words), a brief summary/conclusions of your discussion and analysis that reached this decision. Even just the one main detail is fine. This is where I disagree. What you are essentially saying is "we don't want to give any details because it will only cause fighting." Actually, I think not being frank with us and not communicating at all is worse than giving at least one detail even if you think it may be controversial. You first declare that I'm "not privy" and lack your team's "perspective" when I asked why an automatic realm transfer decision was made without asking the community. Okay, I'll concede that to you. So then I ask for at least one reason so I can understand your perspective. Now you are saying you don't want to give any details because it's too complicated and it will start fighting. Do you see the disconnect? From what I can tell, we have a disagreement on the communication method that would "act to the best interests of the community." You believe it would be better to hide details on server/project decisions, while I believe it would be better to reveal at least one detail on server/project decisions so the community can understand your team's thought process. I insist that you and your team reconsiders this stance of hiding details on server decisions because I believe it would be better in the long term for the project to try to be as open as possible with the communication.
  5. If the community is not privy and lacks your team's perspective, then your team needs to communicate this perspective. The OP should have at least a brief explanation as to why you guys made this decision to change auto-transfers from Elysium to Anathema. Even a short statement like "Anathema was chosen as the server for automatic transfers instead of Elysium because [fill in the blank]" would have been a lot better than nothing. Next time your team makes announcements with major decisions like this, you need to include the reason for it so you can't dismiss us as being not privy to your perspective.
  6. There should have been a vote whether Elysium or Anathema was the default auto-transfer. Not sure why you'd make this decision of making Anathema the default option without asking the community first. I refer back to Shenna's pledge she made in bold letters right before she resigned:
  7. quest008

    adblock extensions

    nobody uses ab/abp anymore, you should not be using it either unless you're a masochist. people now use ublock https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ublock-origin/cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm
  8. No you write names when you have to log off to report later. Often there isn't a GM logged on.
  9. Elysium realm: Angelli, Thedae, Demonivore
  10. quest008

    Warrior as first character

    Nobody levels a warrior with a protection build. Most level by starting with a Fury build, then it usually ends up 20/31/0 (Arms/Fury/Prot). You just need a decent shield to tank in pre-60 instances. Then at 60 you can respec to 31/5/15 which makes you good enough for both tanking and PvP, or something like 17/34/0 or 18/33/0 for DPS only.
  11. If Zeth'Kur's population gets to the point where it never reaches 1000 players online, instead of simply merging it with Elysium, you should consider the possibility of letting people decide between transferring to Elysium or Anathema. The population ratio between Elysium, Anathema and Zeth'Kur is approximately 7 : 4 : 2 which can you obtain by rounding their average populations to 7k, 4k and 2k. By the time Zeth'Kur decreases to a population that's consistently only 600 players online, you can predict that Anathema would have a population of 1200 and Elysium would have 2100. Therefore, instead of forcing everybody to Elysium through a merger which already has a healthy population and causing a greater population imbalance between Elysium and Anathema, you should let Zeth'Kur players decide between transferring to Elysium or Anathema so that Anathema may absorb a slice of the former Zeth'Kur population and survive a little longer (ideally until 2019 so that if you have to merge Anathema with Elysium, they will reach the same patch timeline).
  12. In this thread you post names of bots you found (with 100% certainty by following them, jumping on them and saying hello to them several times with no response, etc.) but don't have time to report now or wait for a GM to log on, and will report later. Elysium realm: Marbara, Thelinrah, Dencia, Danierdra
  13. quest008

    Which realm?

    there's a rough timeline here https://elysium-project.org/timeline they all have arguably a decent population (consistently in the thousands). elysium is the one with the largest population. no, nostalrius cut off all contact with elysium due to high school drama anathema is what used to be nostalrius pvp and is furthest in the timeline and had a decent number of old level 60s transferred. darrowshire is nostalrius pve. similar history as anathema but pve only. elysium is a fresh pvp server with the largest population. zeth'kur is elysium but with less than half the population.
  14. quest008

    Character transfer

    DDoS attacks can be some of the hardest things to mitigate. It is much easier to start a DDoS attack than to block it due to the nature of the worldwide internet architecture. Now that you understand that, you can stop whining. Play CounterStrike or something while Elysium is down.
  15. quest008

    People using BOTs

    You don't need to take screenshots or videos for reporting bots. Whenever I make an in-game ticket I just list the character names of the bots, the GM says "thank you for the report", checks them out for a bit and then bans them. You only need screenshots when reporting gold selling spammers who whisper or mail you.