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    All want to play Nost PVP.

    It's not that bad. It's only a little a frustrating from time to time. I've been in a lot of launches with a lot of huge private servers, many of us have. We all know what a new fresh private server with this much PR will be like during launch day. However it's still 99x better than joining a old server where atleast 60% of the player-base is already BiS geared. No point in joining such a server when WPvP is all about having gear...
  2. crewless

    All want to play Nost PVP.

    Even though I'm new here I have plenty of experience in private servers. Usually private server communities tend to be a little bit more cosy. However this one feels like people hate each other because they want to play on a different realm?!! If you want to play in the old server, that's cool. If you want to play in the fresh server, that's cool aswell. Players who choose join the fresh realm will start from scratch in return for a more populated(polls support this) server. Players who choose to play on the old realm will have everything back they had in return for a less populated server. However at the same time a more end-game based experience, rather than going through the same content again and again.