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    Ironfoe: How many runs did it take you?

    had it drop my first time about 11 but it was reserved, then the 2nd time i had it reserved and that was about my 25th run. felstirker has dropped for me 3 times in a total of about 55runs. there abouts, never kept track of it.
  2. Apone

    Don't roll a Warrior...

    this seems all on point. I lvl'd a warrior in vanilla. Ivled as mostly prot haha. made it so much more difficult on myself. however i had a group of soild IRL friends who helped out when they could. I havnt really played wow since wotlk. So im pretty excited to start playing again. I really dig tanking, will be rad to roll that again. but i do remember having to flip back and forth and that paying taht fee made me broke all the time!