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  1. it was the same on nost aswell. Kronos database is alot better. like it or not, its a fact. I know how much work was done to get it this far so don't expect nosts db to improve any time soon. its not much of an issue anyways so I advice you to simply deal with it.
  2. holy shit, yes man. exactly what I was thinking. obnoxious posts galore with no substance. getting shut down when making false claims and then lashing out. always a fun read "too pussy to roll on an established PVP realm" lol the fuq. you getting shanked mate, easily
  3. autodisconnect after 4h / account
  4. Strahl

    Wall Jumping in WSG

    2.4.3 backported to 1.12.1 whats this rule about anyways? walljumping does not exist anymore. it was retail like on older emus, but not on mangos-zero. with true walljumping you could go up almost vertical walls indefinitely. wheres the line between simply jumping and "walljumping"? AV blacksmith roof forbidden? Any other easily done jump (which includes run/walk + jump only) forbidden too?
  5. dynamic spawn rate = okay leveling expierience = get used to it banding = yeah its shit minor bugs = yep, have to deal with it I guess no nostalgia = thats on you deformed abomination = it is, after all, just a reverse engineered version pathetic = yes, you are
  6. Strahl

    nice 7k que

    idk what you going on about. I have no problem logging in as I never really log off )))))
  7. Strahl

    nice 7k que

    idk what you going on about. I have no problem logging in as I never really log off )))))
  8. Strahl

    Please Roll Alliance

    on every vanilla private server alliance force feeds horde dicks in premades you will have shit Qs anyways as alliance is premades only + PvE heroes. good luck waiting 50+ mins to get farmed
  9. Strahl

    Warrior leveling Zones

    tank instances till 60
  10. Strahl

    rank frostbolt?

    why even ask a question if you don't listen to reason?
  11. Strahl

    What role does a Shadow Priest have in PvP?

    offensive and defensive dispels, also dmg and offhealing
  12. Strahl

    Becoming a lock as an Ally[PvP]

    paladins ice you alot more then shamans ever could. dexev point with double dispels is spot on. random BGs or solo play its alot easier as horde. for group and competetive PvP I'd go alli any time of the day. totems are staionary while pallies run arround cleansing shit left and right. add fearward + shadow aura. aura alone is 15% chance to resist binaries. gnome racial is imo the most powerful racial for locks as slows tend to be your worst enemy. unless you have really bad gear than stuns are your worst enemy. once you are able to survive a stunlock then gnome becomes best race for lock. human is a viable choise too as lock. its just harder to use your racial correctly while EA is pretty much fool proof. note: someone mentioned that UDs always have that 2nd trinket up just for you. wonder why that is? cause alliance locks simply don't fear. in their mind it will get broken anyways by Wotf so they don't even bother. guess what, thats what makes the racial so broken. you are literally never forced to use it until it really matters and therefore almost always have it ready in clutch situations making it seem way better than it actually is.
  13. server runs smooth more players in Q then ingame -> good start