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  1. Hi guys, I can't login to a Account of mine with 2FA. Neither Ingame nor on the Website it will accept the Code. In the same App it works for other Accounts. I still got the Mailadress and everything, i tried to delete the Account from the 2FA App "Google Authenticator" and re-scan the Code but it still doesnt work.
  2. Alrik

    2FA doesnt work on a single Account

    Tried that. It still works on 2 Accounts and on 2 it doesnt. Rescanned the QR-Code multiple times and also manually added the Code from the Mail to the App. Edit: So i also tried a different 2FA-App on my Phone and tried the App with a different Smartphone. Still doesnt work.
  3. Alrik

    37.00% crit cap?

    Yes, your Crit on your Spellbook CAN exceed 37%. However there are things that can bug out, for example in my case applying ele sharp stones to my OH doesnt increase my Spellbook crit %, only applied to MH it shows (And i think it will actually only increase the % chance to crit on OH-Swings if applied to OH). There was also that bug that equipping a weapon with ele sharp and unequipping it could decrease your critchance to 0%, a relog fixed that. ROIDS and Scrolls are different buffs. ROIDS don't stack with Zanza potables, Scrolls don't stack with Juju or Elixir of giants
  4. I don't see it as a Addiction if i have a Weekend off, my Friends are out of Town and i play WoW for 20 hours over 2 Days. On Monday i go back to work and other Stuff. As long as you don't neglect other Parts of your Life that are somewhat important (Health, Job, Reallife-Social Activitys (Mental Health)) its nothing from concern. Yes, i play the Game 2 Hours each Day and all i want to do when i get Home from work is play the Game, but i also work 8, go to the Gym for 2 and spend time with my flatmate in the Evening. For me, this seems like a healthy Balance.
  5. Alrik

    Fury PvE Endgame Rotation

    Please fix your English a bit. While its not my first Language either, reading your "Sentences" is painful. I guess Players on this Server suck then, since while apparently i'm "wrong" my faulty way to play Fury was still enough to be Top 10 DPS Contender.
  6. Alrik

    Fury PvE Endgame Rotation

    Simple. If you're BWL/AQ Geared with proper Consums + Worldbuffs you won't use OP or you'll lose DPS. At this Point you don't specc into imp. OP anymore. Flurry uptime isnt a Problem at this Point anymore since you get so much rage that you basically fill every GCD where BT/WW is down with Hamstrings.
  7. An Addiction doesnt necessarely need to be a bad Thing. I'm addicted to Football, accepted in Society. I'm also addicted to Cars (as in watching Pictures&Videos all Day, screaming like a little Girl when i see a RX-7 etc.), also accepted in Society. I'm addicted to my Friends & Girl, accepted in Society. What is the definition of an Addiction? "the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice" The Term "enslaved" brings the negativity into this, but an Addiction can be something beautiful as long as it doesnt affect your Life in other Aspects (Earning Money, paying Bills, being Social & somewhat Healthy (Things we consider a responsible Adult)). To answer your Question: Yes i am addicted to WoW.
  8. At times there were 4-5 out of the top 10 on realmplayers non-human, mostly Nightelfs.
  9. Alrik

    Profession question

    There are weekly MC/BWL/ZG/AQ20 Pugs that clear the Instance rather fast. (Our Guild for example did a couple 60-70 Mins MC Pugs)
  10. Alrik

    Profession question

    You don't earn money with LW and Alch. Everyone has an Alch. Alt and each guild has 1 LW that gets funneled the recipes, thats it. For earning money you herb and mine.
  11. Wouldnt there be flawed data getting uploaded then? especially on Cthun where the room is too big to record what happens on the other side
  12. Hey Shino, quick question, did you get around to fix anything related to the Lag-Issues with multiple Mobs dying at the same time i mentioned earlier in this Thread?
  13. Alrik

    Profession question

    Yes, there is Gnome and Goblin Engineering. You want Goblin so you can craft your own "Goblin Sapper Charges", you can USE them with Gnome Engineering too tho. For example a Sapper Charge hits for 10-15k in Supression Room. On Chrom. with Fire Vuln, its an easy 2k DMG too. If used with the right amount and timing you can 1 Phase Viscidus with it too.
  14. Alrik

    Profession question

    Enchanting Rings was introduced with TBC, not Vanilla. You'll need Engineering if you want to be worthy your Raid-Role as "DPS".
  15. Alrik


    Stop talking out of your Ass. Ouro had 0 Abilitys on PTR, he literally stood there and was a Pinata. How could you test if his Sandblast hits Ranged when he has the same Ability-Table as Hogger?
  16. Felt really great and humbling to wipe to Cthun. You really have to master the Mechanics of the Bossfight now and understand it. I agree its probably a bit too hard atm, since you need to execute it perfectly or need full Worldbuffs on everyone. But i hope they won't nerf him into a Faceroll, Cthun shouldnt be free loot.
  17. Alrik

    General Angerforge loot table

    Why don't you just get Green Lens of NR? Edit: Nvm. me i'm stupid, as a tank you don't want that Cloth piece.
  18. Alrik

    Just hit 60 - Looking for PvE spec advice

    Yea why not. Get a grp going and farm different Dungeons. For a nice start you can also do the Scholo quest for the OH weapon "Mirah's Song"
  19. Alrik

    General Angerforge loot table

    I did 87 Rend Runs for the Fury Bracers, i've yet to seen them drop. Then i ran my first UBRS on my alt Mage and the bracers dropped and i won them by a greed Roll...... Thats life.
  20. Alrik

    Dragons Call Whelp Bugg

    Once in a MC Pug i pulled out my Dragons Call for fun. The Whelp pulled about 80% of the instance to us x)
  21. Alrik

    SS + Auto attack Macro

    It does, if you feel like you're a superior Player and your Guild doesnt fit your needs you're always free to Apply in a Guild that suits your Playstyle better. I see guys from our Guild regularely top meters on Alts in Pugs against people on their Mains. And PUG = many fuckups/mistakes/unoptimized Stuff going on.
  22. Alrik

    Just hit 60 - Looking for PvE spec advice

    Wait... you want to specc for BRD? i don't get it.. Just farm UBRS, get Dal'Rends and specc Cookiecutter Sword.
  23. Alrik

    How to farm gold now?

    Which Server are you on?