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  1. either that or they lowered the server cap again.
  2. ccsolembum

    Striker's Mark in early MC days

    AV wont be in the game for 6 months, and the strat UD crossbow was added to the game around the same patch as AV as well. I guess the lbrs one is the way to go but short of that strikers/blastershot would benefit hunters over the stuff they will likely have in early mc days
  3. ccsolembum

    Mara gold guide video

    no wand?
  4. only black lotus will be BOP, not flasks themselves. Means that going herbalism without alchemy is slightly less profitable early on but you wouldn't ever find a black lotus anyway.
  5. ccsolembum

    Don't play on the Fresh Realm

    ^must not have killed lucifron in retail
  6. ccsolembum

    Don't play on the Fresh Realm

    It's like how it was in retail now at least. Good thing is only tanks really need to flask until aq/nax anyway because of how many other consumables there are available.
  7. ccsolembum

    Striker's Mark in early MC days

    http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=17069 During early MC days, is this bow generally kept Hunter prio since it's a good upgrade from blues or is it given to warriors/rogues because hunters are expected to get the leaf eventually? http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=17072 as well I guess.
  8. ccsolembum

    A week off work for the launch?

    prepare your butts for some mass lbrs farm runs with every key part RESERVED
  9. ccsolembum

    Can't talk.

    I have the same problem on one of my accounts after typing "g4wow" through a whisper to test the spamthrottle addon. My whispers, yells, /says etc just don't even show up anymore and I'm assuming the account was just globally muted right then.
  10. Well I think I found out the reason and it wasn't the addon so that's good. Pretty sure the account was just auto globally muted because I just made a lvl 1 test character on the pve realm for one of my accounts and tried typing "g4wow" in /say because you can't whisper at level 1, and as soon as I hit enter the message didn't pop up and now that account is also I'm assuming globally muted. edit - only an hour chatban it seems but still, pretty hardcore, I'm surprised these lvl 17s that I'm seeing spamming goldselling ads are still around.
  11. Is there a fix to this? I tried testing the mod by whispering from a bank alt account to another and now the bank alt or any characters on that account can't even type in /say. Switching the account to the pve realm worked with a new character but even after deleting WTD/WTF the whole account is still affected on the pvp realm.
  12. Rarely ever did the instance on other vanilla servers because 100% of the time the rest of my group had never done it before and couldn't understand basic interrupt/pull mechanics.
  13. ccsolembum

    DM E not farmable any more?

    it is possible, there's a guy who made several hour long videos https://www.youtube.com/user/acegamestv/videos
  14. ccsolembum

    SpamThrottle FTW

    Gonna have a nice peaceful experience on the fresh server with this where everyone respects each other and their political opinions after I block cuck, fag, entitled and every twitch emote that I can remember.
  15. ccsolembum

    Best Hunter Pet on Nost PvP Server! For PvE and PvP!

    Well you could go for the standard pet that everyone will have, or get the best looking pet in the game http://db.vanillagaming.org/?npc=3619