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  1. That naming prio is BS, it should reflect the way servers were introduced so Anathema > Darrowshire > Elysium.
  2. Vaelen

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    There's been no reason given why no PvE server. One of the FAQ's should def have been "Will there be a PvE server, and if not, why?" People making the argument there isn't a lot of world PvP, so what's the need obviously have never played on a tbc server at launch, or are being quite forgetful; you either go grind in Zanger or wait 3 days for it to calm down. Darrowshire had a great pop before elysium was released and if there was a 2nd server as PvE balance between the two would be fine. Personally I don't see the problem with 3 either with the merge contingency mentioned. For the love of god, don't brush Darrowshire under the carpet like too many of the community like to do.
  3. Maybe you should have read further? Those were ideas that we played with.
  4. We on the horde side of Darrowshire are very unhappy with the current state of the server - lower pop than Elysium and Anathema, and outnumbered compared to the Alliance. Some of us have spit-balled ideas about how to get people to come here: Advertise boosts to lvling and gearing up, gold to new players, free consumables etc. (from ourselves). After discussion we realised this couldn't be sustainable without offering the same incentives to all new players indefinitely. We also realised that as long as there is an influx of players then they will solve the problems of gearing up on their own since they would be doing that with each other and would boost the economy for everyone. So how do we bring in new players to Darrowshire? The problem with bringing new people to the server is that we are semi-mature in progression compared to Elysium and that we are PvE. We feel that the PvE aspect is actually a great attribute once you've played here, so we just need people to play here to find this out. When it comes to progression we aren't worried too much about being ahead since the nature of Vanilla requires people to progress as a guild regardless of the patch of the server. The low population itself puts people off joining. So the real problem is being able to constantly bring in new players to our server. So how do we bring more people to join Darrowshire (and preferably Horde)? These bonuses should only be applied to Horde: Experience boost (50-X% bonus of xp received from mob kills, or an overall xp rate boost) Free Normal Mount skill These bonuses are obviously the same as Warmane is offering to Alliance on their TBC server but has been proven to bring people to not only the server but also to play Alliance and help balance the factions. If others have any ideas about incentives that could bring in people to Darrowshire, we'd love to hear them. Edit: These are just suggestions, it's to start a dialogue to bring more ideas. Edit 2: Elysium will never give xp boosts and that's fair enough.