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  1. Bump cos we're almost on page 2 Yeah mate, I've got some coldies in the eski if ya want
  2. Torkaberry

    Any Horde Warlock Grinding Guide?

    Joanna's guide
  3. Torkaberry

    PvE DPS Class Selection: Warlock vs Mage

    If you want to spec frost for first couple of raids then choose mage. If that doesn't interest you go lkck
  4. Update: currently full on Paladins
  5. Torkaberry

    Changing resolution destroys pet bar

    why are you changing resolution regularly? It would be a client side issue i'd guess also
  6. Torkaberry

    Tailoring + ?

    Rolling on the fresh, what's a good companion to tailoring. Enchanting to DE all the unwanted greens and sell for pennies on the AH?
  7. Torkaberry

    Elysium PvP Realm Official Release Date

    Nice, let's hope for a smooth launch
  8. Post news announcement bump
  9. Torkaberry

    Hunter macros

  10. I'll just move you to the top
  11. I went for a walk and bumped into this thread