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    Pre-Raid BiS For Rogues on Elysium PvP (patch 1.2)

    Aren't the boots that drop from Halycon in LBRS better ? They give 40 AP.
  2. " The fresh realm release date will be announced December 25th." Check out this link https://forum.elysium-project.org/index.php?showtopic=22883
  3. I am no longer available because i found a guild.
  4. Unonna

    Bulgarian Community

    Aз лично чакам Fresh PVP ще играя human rogue, така че не съм много за PVE сървъра.
  5. Unonna

    Bulgarian Community

    Как е
  6. Hello my name is Georgi and I'm from Bulgaria at the age of 23. So far on previous vanilla servers I have cleared Molten Core, Onyxia's Lair, Blackwing Lair & Zul'Gurub. I have played on the original Nost PVP server as a Holy Priest, Vanilla Gaming server as a Hunter, Kronos I & Fenix as a mage & Kronos II as a warlock. I have also raided on TBC & WOTLK servers but I prefer the vanilla experience as it suits me the best. Addons :I will be using KTM of course, Energy Watch, Spell Alert, CCwatcg, Attackbar, Questie & Atlasloot ofc I will probably add more during the process of gaming. Consumables & Buffs) :As far as buffs always DM buffs as they are crucial. As for pots Mongoose,Giants,Brute force,Juju power,scrolls (stamina,str,agi), fortitude, flask of titans if needed for progression,food buffs and enchants . My goals is to clear all the content with mature experienced people who enjoy playing WOW Vanilla s much as I do.