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  1. Have you considered it might be your connection?
  2. Stormhart

    Elysium in Brazil?!

    Likely not that it's tied to Elysium Project.
  3. Stormhart

    Transfer gone wrong?

    If you're here from Nostalrius and you haven't transferred your characters in December 2016 to Anathema, your account and characters are lost.
  4. Stormhart

    Is 100 ms good enough?

    If you're from EU 100 ms is rather high. But if you're from NA 100+ ms should be expected, mostly troublesome for melee classes.
  5. Stormhart

    Target too low level for heal?

    What rank of the heal and what level was involved?
  6. Stormhart

    Is it normal?

    it usally occurs when elysium hits 7k population
  7. Stormhart


    There's no ethical issue, it's simply a rule on this server: multiboxing is NOT allowed. If you don't like the rules of the server, find one that caters to your needs.
  8. Stormhart


    Open pet training skill in your general abilities tab
  9. Stormhart

    Ping Technical Query

    You're gonna have a hard time in PvP with that ping, especially if you're playing a melee class. Caster might work, dunno
  10. Stormhart

    Hunter per at low level

    Hello hunters, I recent created an dwarf hunter and I don't have much experience with them. I was wondering what good pet is too tame for the early levels. Also what's a good pet to use in pvp? All tips appreciated.
  11. Stormhart

    Warlock Quest bug

    You need to get the quest from the trainer in Brills inn (upstairs)
  12. Stormhart


    Try the international section
  13. Stormhart

    How is "Ninja" defined?

    It's not ninja. It happens all the time, not just with nodes, but witch questi tems other resources aswell. You are not in a raid or group environment where you can set rules
  14. Stormhart

    Server transfers?

    Doesn't look likely