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    Can I solo SFK at lvl 22 for Verigans Fist?

    In the Vanilla DB there are a lot of posts of Paladins soloing this at a lower level, but those are all during BC. Huge changes in talents and gearing made it much easier to solo. You would need to be at least level 30, and probably over 35 to solo.
  2. Necrosthevile

    Resurrection Sickness problem

    Die again, resurrect normally. This should clear the bug.
  3. Necrosthevile

    Naxx must be made blizzlike.

    Four Horseman was a very execution critical fight and I was using the guild on my server as an example, not an absolute. Most of the tanks the top guild on my server recruited ended up being incompetent. That being said, if all eight tanks use the Reel to decrease one variable in the encounter, the cumulative effect of the decrease in damage mitigation make tank deaths due to RNG or OOM healers more likely. I realize I was not very clear in my previous post, but I was trying to imply that using the reel may eliminate one problem in the encounter, it creates another lesser problem. Even with the reel taunt resists can happen. Spell hit is 17%. Also, contrary to popular belief you can have a taunt resist, and with improved taunt have time to get the other tank out, if you get resisted again the outgoing tank can pop shield wall and the incoming tank can try a 3rd taunt (again only with Imp Taunt) and let the encounter continue. With Shield Wall down a similar double taunt resist probably means a wipe. The Reel is a gimmick that can work. It reminds me of people getting GM's to restore their deleted Luffa for the Moroes encounter during the first couple weeks of TBC. I would not count on it as a reliable strategy beyond the first few weeks of Naxx being released.
  4. Necrosthevile

    Best TPS Shield

    If you are using a Shield Spike you would also want to consider how much block percentage you have, as blocking attacks would also generate threat. The Blessed Qiraji Bulwark has 3% block and the Aegis has 2%. For most single target tanking you would probably still use the Blessed Qiraji Bulwark, but I always found it helpful to put together an AoE tanking set with a shield spike on a Drillborer Disk or Fore Reactive Disk if you are an Engineer. Makes the bug tunnel on the way to Fankriss a lot of fun. Also a full T2.5 geared warrior with one of those shields makes for hilariously fast Tribute runs when you are doing world buffs.
  5. Necrosthevile

    Naxx must be made blizzlike.

    The Four Horseman also output a significant amount of damage and the healing is spread out so they cannot cross support each other well. Some guilds may try that, but the guild on my server always had tank deaths when they tried. Even top guilds had to poach tanks from other guilds in order to get warriors that had the gear to survive the fight. A lot of guilds that could only progress a few bosses into Naxx had their MT's poached to guilds that were pounding their faces against the Four Horsemen.
  6. Necrosthevile

    Naxx must be made blizzlike.

    Only the MT really needs FrR to avoid the damage spikes from the frost breath, and even then he does not need to be max FrR. The quest FrR rings and crafted FrR gear should be enough. Four Horseman will be the real test. You either have to RNG it or have 8 tanks with 4P T3 for the transitions. A lot of people have complained about AQ40 being too easy, but a lot of those fights were DPS checks and there are a number of factors that less relevant on this server. 1. First is talents. 1.12 talents were much more balanced and stronger than nearly any before it. Increasing DPS, Healing and Damage mitigation. 2. "A more powerful spell is already active" - Anyone who raided Naxx and did Maxenna will tell you how important having a druid and priest with spellpower trinket rotations was for HoTS on your tank during web wrap. Being able to stack HoTs greatly increases healing efficiency. 3. This increase in healing, and mana regeneration, combined with player skill, means that many guilds bring fewer healers and more DPS to fights. The farthest progressed Naxx guild on my server brought 12-14 healers to Naxx. Looking at a few recent clears of AQ40 a lot of guilds are bringing 8-10 healers. Having 2-4 extra DPS is a huge boon for DPS check fights. 4. Player Skill and Knowledge - Contrary to what a lot of people believe, player skill has not greatly increased. There are still a lot of keyboard turners out there. What has increased is player knowledge and resources. The best specs, rotations, pre-raid gearing, BiS lists etc. In a lot of the high end guild kill videos you will see Mortal Strike and serpent sting and rend and other useless debuffs on the bosses who you would be laughed out of a raid for using now. Back then the theorycraft was not as robust and people generally went with a gut feeling, and many times, anything that generated big numbers (not necessarily the highest DPS). When you have DPS check fights, and you greatly increase the general DPS of raids, the bosses appear to be easier. It does not mean they are not Blizzlike.
  7. Necrosthevile

    Help with an error I keep getting?

    There are a few bugged version of Questie. It is the only addon that actually crashes the game that I have found.
  8. Necrosthevile

    alliance tank question

    On Darrowshire and Anethema rage has been normalized, so for raid tanking you would get a good sword or mace for every fight except Vael. Elysium would be the only realm that rage has not been normalized and a fast dagger is highest TPS for raid tanking.
  9. Necrosthevile

    Hit not working correctly darrowshire

    In vanilla there is always a 1% miss chance on spells, no matter how much hit you stack.
  10. Necrosthevile


    It was this way in Vanilla. In the old Maxenna strats it talks about having your priest and druid with the most +heal put up there HoTs just before the stun.
  11. Necrosthevile

    My account is in trouble.

    Right in the same box as "Resend Activation Email" is a note saying they are sending "industrial" levels of emails and they are getting locked out of sending emails to certain providers, especially Microsoft accounts (@live.com and @hotmail.com). If the email is not in your spam folder then you have to wait and send again.
  12. Necrosthevile

    Making a second account?

    Food/Water/Portals and Enchanting characters on another account are all allowed. What is bannable is having one character follow another while questing/farming/instances.