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  1. Title says it all. PM me here for a talk about price.
  2. I have been farming alot in ashenvale. Manage to get more than 200 an hour in the area around the moonwell, and a few packs just past the bridge, closer to Splintertree Post. That area can only really support one person, But there is another large batch of wolves just west of Mystral Lake and over to SW of Astranaar. I havnt tested that area though.
  3. Looking to fish some Spotted Yellowtail for the War Effort, but I've been struggeling to find a spot with decent drop rates. And am I right in saying these only come from fishing in open water and not schools? Any help or pointers are much appreciated!
  4. Anyone other than me got problems with handing in Logistics Task Briefing IX? The one for Enchanted Leather/Thorium.
  5. Reimer

    The War Effort Continues!

    Since the server is down anyway, I decided to do abit of quick math on the Lean Wolf Steak since it currently have the lowest % turnin @ 4.03%. Data used comes from http://db.vanillagaming.org/ I'm not sure the drop rates and respawn timers match what we have on Anathema, but for the sake of arguement, lets assume they are identical. I chose to exclude SFK and Rare spawns (Lupos, Mist Howler) to simplify things abit. There is a total of 253 wolfs in the open world that drop the Lean Wolf Flank, with drop rates between 48 and 65% and all of them have a 5 minute repawn time. If every wolf is killed every 5 minutes on the dot, we get a total of 1780.68 Lean Wolf Flanks an hour. So to farm the 275000 Lean wolf Steaks needed for the War Effort it would take a total of 154.44 hours of farming. That is 154.44 hours where every single mob is killed at the exact time it respawns! 6 days, 10 hours, 26 minutes and 2.4 seconds where no wolf is left alive for even a fraction of a second! If these numbers are even remotely close to being accurate, it clearly shows how rediculously overtuned certain items for the War Effort are, and I hope the Elysium Staff will re-evaluate some of the numbers.
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    Can't use 2 factor aut.

    Can you mabye post a link to the right threat? Since you have over 350 posts to go through Edit: Nvm, missread your post