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  1. is there a healing macro that will simply heal your target's target if your target is hostile. aka i can target the boss and my heal will go to whoever is tanking him
  2. I agree with Bubrub. Their argument doesn't make sense at all. How many times do we as a community have to fall for Blizzard's false promises and feigned interest?
  3. Is it possible to only have quest objectives appear on the world map and not clutter up the outer edges of the minimap? I love the addon but I can't stand the little loot bags on the edges of my minimap, I only want to see those when I open world map. Is there an option to configure this?
  4. zubdub7


    I keep getting this error: Error: Interface\AddOns\modui\options\options_colour.lua:140: attempt to index global `MODUI_COLOUR_FOR_UI' (a nil value) I have mod ui installed, every time I try to select UIO Colour in the options I get this error. Any fix?