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  1. They had good enough hardware to handle 20,000 players at one point, but they've cut back on that to save money no doubt cause they've lost over 75% of their players because of chronic drama situations and what not.
  2. Oyani

    This needs to stop

    You're doing it wrong. Alliance MO is group up with 4 other ppl that are like 10 levels above max for the zone and then do quests while ganking every soloing horde that's like 8 levels below your level. If you're Alliance and not doing that, you're doing it wrong.
  3. Oyani

    Elysium Project: Moving Forward!

    Really? Just gonna sweep it under the rug like that? Why is this person still on the team after losing their shit like that? Also, what're you gonna do about the new influx of cheaters we saw flying around Orgrimmar yesterday? And what happened with the matter of people buying gear? You're denying it happened? So it didn't happen then and that's it? No proof to your case? So many questions, so little answers.
  4. Oyani

    What's going on?

    It's sad... it went down about an hour ago for no reason and nothing's happened... i'm genuinly wondering if i'll be able to play tomorrow.
  5. Oyani

    What's going on?

    Server went down again without warning. Now even the realm list has an internal error. Elysium member loses their shit on forum. It's been going downhill for Elysium ever since Nostalrius told people not to play on Elysium anymore. Let's not forget, the biggest reason why many of us ever even gave Elysium a chance in the first place is that Nostalrius had more than half of their developers joining Elysium after Nost went down... one could wonder how many are still working with Elysium after their final announcement not to play there and seeing how it's going downhill for Elysium ever since. I dunno if Elysium can handle it... Nostalrius could, but Elysium is clearly NOT Nostalrius. And I wonder if they indeed will prevail.....
  6. Can we ban this shitpost pls? Alliance has literally ___ONLY___ premades in bgs and it's an exploitation of the game at this point so remove this post and remove the idiots who join him from the server.
  7. Wrong. It's actually English taking over. Elysium was a Russian server but since Nostalrius is moving there, it is now English and since speaking English was a big rule on Nostalrius, it will now also be here, so no Russian language is allowed in public channels.
  8. Oyani

    Ninja looting allowed?

    As it was on Nostalrius and also on retail, yes ninja looting is technically allowed, not breaking any rules other than the moral ones. You will quickly become a pariah and people will know who you are if you keep doing it, because you can't change your name or appearance either... welcome to vanilla m8.