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  1. Kralomax

    Questie Error Need Help

    Personally I wouldn't go that far. I would start with the culprit and that is !questie.lua and then go from there. :)
  2. Kralomax

    Questie Error Need Help

    Delete your !questie.lua in your WTF/Account/ServerName/Player/SavedVariables and try again. You may want to backup the file first.
  3. Kralomax

    Hunter rotation addon

    There is already an active subject on this addon. I have no complexes or issues, but why not just get your information from it?
  4. Kralomax

    Addon that will announce nearby enemy player?

    This is called Paranoia and is very basic. It works great though. :)
  5. Kralomax

    Shred/Ravage macro with startattack

    I use this....I'm not sure if it is exactly what you want, but it casts an ability and then puts me into attack mode all with one press. /run for z=1,172 do if IsAttackAction(z)then if not IsCurrentAction(z)then UseAction(z);end;end;end; /cast Earth Shock
  6. Kralomax

    Spikes and huge MS

    I get this exact same thing. It's very irritating because that 3-4 seconds is a big deal in pvp or instances. I wish I could figure this one out myself.
  7. Yes! Glad it is working now. It is my favorite vanilla addon. /Salute
  8. Kralomax

    Questie arrow randomly not working

    Are you using EQL3 or shagudb? If not you might want to add one of them to your addons. From what I understand the blizzard quest log is somewhat limited and questie may not pick up a quest you are on.
  9. I would delete (back them up just in case) any questie files in my WTF folder. e:\games\World of Warcraft 1.12.1\WTF\Account\Nostalrius PvE\Character Name\Saved Variables\!questie.lua and !questie.bak. Also delete your cache too (backup just in case) Run the game again with questie addon only and see what happens then. Good luck Nice to see someone else using Total Commander. I subscribed about 10 years ago and have used it since. It's one of the first progams I install on my computer!
  10. Kralomax

    [Addon] SotA - Guild DKP Addon

    This is all well and good, but your avatar made it 3 or 4 times longer to read. I will give it a try and thank you for posting it and your avatar.
  11. He probably doesn't need it selected though! :) Curse remove extra game profiles
  12. Just curious, but isn't that World Quest Tracker for Legion?
  13. Kralomax

    I am looking for addon! Need help.

    You are looking for Pawn or Dugi guide addons. I have looked for this myself, but there is nothing I could find for this version of WoW. edit: If you find something please post it! Thanks
  14. Kralomax

    WoW Music Updated

    Ok, this addon gets extra cool points from me. It works great and the selections are clear and most awesome. I find myself running to zones I'm not leveled for just to hear the music. The commands work with no errors also. Thanks OP!
  15. Kralomax

    WoW Music Updated

    I'm happy with the default music, but am curious how it sounds. I will give it a try. Thanks for your work! edit: I just wanted to know if this is legal to do on this server? I skipped through the music and they are awesome tracks. Good choices.