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    Development Update 08.09.2017

    Maybe you could learn to play instead? Stop being quitter losers and perhaps try to improve. The game stays the same but player skill and tactics have improved. Just like football the rules are the same but the players are better than 30 years ago, no one complains its not football anymore though, they havent made the goals smaller because players are better. The fact that you mention 2-6 million just proves you don't know what your talking about. 3v3 or 10v10 is still Player vs Player do you understand? We do enjoy the game but people keep whining and trying to change it, P.S premading actually is fun. You should try and play the game within the system designed by Blizzard, rather than bitching and moaning and demanding that the system is changed because you can't compete. The pserver devs and blizzard themselves seem to give in to players like you to the detriment of everyone else.
  2. Smegyy

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    Its not blizzlike so don't do it, just leave it alone. Pugs getting farmed by premades.. thats vanilla. This server is meant to be blizzlike which includes the good and the bad.
  3. Does this mean AQ will open 5days and 10hours later? Or do you mean AQ scripting will be completed by the 19th.
  4. We have cleared all the content again since relaunch. BUMP
  5. Resetting my router worked.