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    Healing Spell Calculator

    Ah, yeah, so what it's showing is the average bonus that crit provides, not the total for a single cast. There's probably a better way to explain it. Assume a base heal of 100, and crit at 20%. It should crit once out of every 5 casts: 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 150 = 550 total healing 550 / 5 = 110 average per heal So... that 20% crit increased your average heal by 10 points. That's what the chart is trying to show. If you increase your crit chance by 50% (from the talent) it'd raise it to 30%. So... if we take 10 casts it should crit 3 times... 150 + 150 + 150 + 100 + 100..... = 1150 1150 / 10 = 115 So that 30% crit increased your average heal by 15, which is exactly a 50% increase from what your crit previously did(untalented). Whenever you check that box for Improved Regrowth, it increases the crit bonus by 50%. One of the reasons the numbers are so low for regrowth is that crit doesn't affect the HOT (as far as I know, I didn't actually test that now that I think about it). The crit ends up only affecting the direct heal, which is roughly half of the healing the spell does. I made the chart this way because I wanted to be able to compare what 1 bonus healing does versus 1% bonus crit.
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    Healing Spell Calculator

    I coded it as Nirinia describes. It just increases your base crit by 50%.
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    Healing Spell Calculator

    I put together some healing calculations for various healing spells for all classes. https://tegas.github.io/legacy-sim/#/spell Here's healing touch: https://tegas.github.io/legacy-sim/#/healingTouch The code is all on github. It's not the cleanest code, but it does the job. Feel free to submit issues, pull requests, or complaints. I only work on it during lunch breaks so don't expect a quick response. https://github.com/Tegas/legacy-sim