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  1. Deviate Gang is an EU/NA semi-hardcore raiding guild which endeavours to provide a quality end-game experience to its players. Our ethos is the fostering of a community based on the values respect, friendship, fun and boss slaying. We offer experienced leadership, an immensely active discord full to the brim with banter, constant pre-BiS runs, MC weekends and a lot of Savory Deviate Delights. We currently raid 7PM Server Time/GMT+1 Saturday and Sunday. Loot is distributed using DKP, except for Legendaries and quest weapons (priest staff and hunter bow). Loot priority is MT > OT > Main Spec > Off Spec. The guild currently requires the most: 2 Holy Priests and 2 Warlocks. But we could also use: 1 Restoration Shaman, 1 Restoration Druid. Other classes may be considered. Apply on our website. Alternatively, speak to any one of our members for an invite as a social member while your application gets processed. Whisper Nt, Adlib, Yagr, Ees, Katbus or Wonka in game for more info.