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  1. Redthirst

    I Support Nostalrius

    I think it is quite clear that Blizzard doesn't want to make Legacy servers for whatever reason. There is absolutely no reasoning behind what Nostalrius was trying to push. Private servers setting back the case of Legacy? How exactly? Are you really so delusional to think that Blizzard legitimately gives a shit about whether or not there are private servers? They don't do Legacy because they don't think that they'll make enough money with it. Sure, Legacy community is big, but making servers for a game that is decade old is a hassle and takes a lot of resources. And even then, Legacy community isn't as big as the main WoW one, and there is no way to see how many would pay. And to those who say that we "need a Blizzard Legacy server because we need higher quality" - think again. Blizzard doesn't have Vanilla code anymore. If they had, they would've made Legacy already. So best case scenario is that they get Nostalrius core and call it a day. And then we'll have a private server that we'll have to pay for. Same quality as before, but now you pay a company that doesn't give a fuck.
  2. There was a system message in game that said that "All unclaimed Nostalrius characters will be removed".
  3. It doesn't even get ported over. They will just rename the server and that will be it. We are safe.
  4. No. Those characters aren't even part of Nostalrius' character base, so they are completely safe.
  5. There was a system message in game that phrased it much better. The only characters that will be deleted are unclaimed Nostalrius characters. If you transferred your character and played here, you're safe. Only people who never transferred, or transferred but never logged in will have their characters deleted.
  6. Alright, so if I started on the old PvP(the Nostalrius one), but my character was fresh(i.e not transferred from Nostalrius), does it mean that my character is intact?
  7. This sounds really fishy. There is no indication that Blizzard wants to release Legacy servers, and removing the server because "WoW community calls us pirates" is stupid as hell. WoW community will hate us regardless of if we have a server or not, and WoW community doesn't decide shit. They won't suddenly become interested in Vanilla and ask for Blizzard to release Legacy because our server here got shut down.
  8. Wasn't it added in TBC? I never played Vanilla prior to this server, but I remember reading that Meeting Stones initially were used to find more players faster, and were then changed to teleportation stones. Regardless, they don't seem to do anything here.
  9. Weren't they supposed to help with forming parties for instances? Am I missing something or why are they unusable?
  10. Redthirst

    [Request] AddOn that lets me deposit gold

    Can work, I guess. Hm.
  11. Is there an addon that I can use to deposit gold away? So, for example, I already have enough gold for first mount, but I don't want to accidentally spend part of it.
  12. Redthirst

    Sap putting me in combat and taking me out of stealth

    I actually wonder if there's any point in Sap without that talent?
  13. Redthirst

    Sword or Dagger for leveling?

    Well, I started with Maces because I was able to find a cheap and good one on the AH, but I'll likely switch to swords once I find a good one. But what is the purpose of having a fast weapon in the off-hand? What if the only fast weapon I can find a rather weak dagger?
  14. Redthirst

    Sword or Dagger for leveling?

    Well, to be fair, you don't need to stay behind the enemy to backstab them.You can clip through enemies to essentially face-stab them. Furthermore, I'm playing with my brother(who plays Hunter), so I often can just get free backstabs. So assuming that I can freely backstab my enemies, do you still think that Combat Sword build is better than Combat Dagger one?
  15. As in title, I want to find an addon that shows which ingredients crafting items require directly in profession trainer's window, which lets me know what I can make with materials I have now.