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  1. You don't get your items back here; that is clearly stated in the rules. There are rare exceptions, such as the Onyxia necklage for example.
  2. You cannot transfer characters from Nostalrius - that stopped back in December,
  3. One good advice: Never use /follow. Technically you are multiboxing when doing so, and if you get reported and a GM spots you and your friend isnt there, then you are in trouble.
  4. Put your guild charter in your main bag and try again.
  5. Mimma

    The Summoning Stones

    Remember that the 2.0.1 was the pre-TBC patch; i.e. the patch with TBC talents, but still capped at level 60. So technically you could still be doing vanilla instances and using summoning stones in the month or two this patch was active.
  6. You can use Healers Assist for ... healers: http://armory.digam.dk/?sa=download.file.info&p1=3&p2=15 Displays the "value" of an item, so you can easily compare with what you have currently equipped.
  7. Mimma

    Summoning Stones

    Also, the long distance running filters out the most lazy people: those always screaming for a summon and too lazy to move themselves.
  8. Mimma

    The Summoning Stones

    Just to back up with a source: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/game/patch-notes/2-0-1
  9. Mimma

    "spell is not currently with you"

    Sounds like you are trying to cook Sagefish for example. The recipe was not supposed to be in the game yet, and thats why you see the message.
  10. Mimma

    Gold spammers

    Isnt Trade and General linked in major cities? In that case you only need one GM in a major city per faction. However, I think its a stupid idea in general - and especially the level restrictions. How do new players contact other players at all? If gold spammers is really so big a problem to you, the I recommend youo install SpamThrottle; it is very rare i see a gold whisper - like once per week or so.
  11. Enable two factor authentication; GMs does not restore lost gear or gold.
  12. Mimma

    Transfer to pve realm

    Server transfers are not supported so no, that is not an option. Regardless of servers.
  13. Mimma


    That is not allowed, so you won't ;-) To OP: GM's does not support releasing unused names. Neither did they in retail until cataclysm or so. Edit: Found the source:
  14. Mimma

    Faction Accounts.

    Having multiple accounts is no problem, as long you only are logged into one account at any time. So you cannot have both your alliance and horde character same time.
  15. Mimma

    queueing on both sides

    That would be multiboxing, and against the rules. Would possibly cause a penalty too, although not sure here. Again: this is multiboxing and bannable.