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    Playing on a Mac

    Thanks, I appreciate it.
  2. shadowfox003

    Playing on a Mac

    So, what is it like for players to play on a mac? Like 3 years ago when I tried playing on a mac there were a couple of issues, such as being kicked off airships when traveling to different continents. Do mac players have better success at playing game now? Thanks in advance!
  3. shadowfox003

    Zeppelin kick off (MAC)

    Topic says it all. Is there anything being done or to do about Mac (or any) players who are being kicked off the zep while in transit? For me, going from org to UC I am getting kicked off at Light Hope Chapel, EP and from STV to Org I am getting kicked off in STV and end up dying in STV. Anyone have the same problem, know if this issue is fixed, or how to fix the issue?
  4. shadowfox003

    Not receiving Verification Email

    Like most people on this thread, I too, am having trouble receiving email validation to my control panel so that I may register my token. Had a yahoo email originally and with fail and waiting 24 hours with no luck of an email I switched my account over to a gmail and still no luck.
  5. shadowfox003

    Validate email.

    Yeah, I am having zero luck i have tried my yahoo email and then I changed my email to a gmail and got that verification code. Now I am not getting the token validation email. what in the world is going on?!