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    <Pleasuretown Adventures> [US]

    Bump, need Priests and caster DPS
  2. Mot

    <Pleasuretown Adventures> [US]

    AQ 40 is on the horizon... PTA is ready. Still recruiting Priests and caster DPS.
  3. Would like some kind of developer response on this topic as well.
  4. Mot

    <Pleasuretown Adventures> [US]

    Bump, Need 2 Priests and a couple caster dps
  5. Mot

    <Pleasuretown Adventures> [US]

    Bump, need Druids, Priests, Warlocks and Mages. Pre raid BIS with enchants only.
  6. Mot

    <Pleasuretown Adventures> [US]

    Bump, need Druids, Priests, Warlocks and Mages. Pre raid BIS with enchants only.
  7. Mot

    Holy Priest BiS Naxx / end of vanilla?

    8/8 T3 with the band of Unanswered Prayers + Elementium band + Rejuv Gem + Darkmoon Card + Naxx Neck. Weapon is preference as you really don't need anything over 1k+ heal. I'll be going for Spire of Twilight over other options, but many will scream that C'thun mace is best in game AINEC. I prefer Int / MP5 on my healing builds.
  8. Mot

    <Pleasuretown Adventures> [US]

    Bump, still looking for Warlocks, Mages and Priests. Also considering 1 R. druid applicant. Be Pre raid BIS or better with enchants. Come with consumables.
  9. Mot

    Vanilla Armory?

  10. Join an established guild and this won't happen. Pugging 40 mans is always a blind shot at whether you get loot or not unless you know the leaders are reputable and fair. I agree that's some scummy raid leading by The Chosen though. Sorry for your item loss.
  11. Mot

    <Pleasuretown Adventures> [US]

    Need warlocks , priests and mages.
  12. I've cleared all vanilla content , it isn't hard. You wrote a thesis on healing and look like a retard.
  13. Mot

    Are drood that bad?

    This. Dude plays the exact same spec I used on Feenix, Balance Charge Swarm.
  14. Mot

    How many crashes?

    How many pretzels can you fit in your big mouth? I would guess 26.
  15. Mot

    Pro and Con Feral Tank in Raiding

    Cons: No Defense Cap No Defensive Cooldowns that matter No Parry No Block Not a warrior
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klm2Q7xu_d4 Best druid pvp
  17. #1 Priest guide on the forums lmao.
  18. There's far too much noise in your writing and this is like a personalized anecdote of your own healing experiences. I wouldn't label this as a guide.
  19. Mot

    Raiding as a Druid ? What spec to choose ?

    Glad I could provide entertainment in the days of wait.
  20. Mot

    Raiding as a Druid ? What spec to choose ?

    Well said thank you. To be fair if you read my prior post I did backpedal and claim that I shouldn't have stated it was the "only" viable spec. That being said, nothing you can add to that spec should severely alter your healing output versus a heavier pointed resto tree as the regrowth spec demonstrates. To understand the differences: Regrowth spec gains: - Healing knockback reduction - Threat reduction - 50% Regrowth Crit Im not even in favor of calling my spec "hybrid" as you put it anyways as it's deep resto so I'll simply call it complete as it contains all the vanilla druid staples: - Instant Feral Charge - Instant Bash - Shapeshifting cost reduction - More armor in bear ^These are the main differences that I can spot. I never needed threat reduction or healing knockback as it only affected me on maybe 1-2 encounters, I see these as wasted points. If the tank is good these really don't matter much. Regrowth crit obviously used for downranking and more tank healing, again I don't see why this is a defining aspect that would make me spend 5 points into the skill. To me it seems like overkill. Regardless, play the spec you want, druids are fun as hell and highly sought after for raiding. To anyone new who is on the fence mastering a druid is very fun and pays dividends (hopefully you have good ping for shifting xD)