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  1. "All characters that have existed in the game world since Elysium’s launch until now will be maintained and all Nostalrius specific data will be wiped." oh no, why? :(((
  2. /skin/button/action.lua delete strings for _, v in pairs({ _G['ActionButton'..i], _G['MultiBarRightButton'..i], _G['MultiBarLeftButton'..i], _G['MultiBarBottomLeftButton'..i], _G['MultiBarBottomRightButton'..i], _G['BonusActionButton'..i],}) do modSkin(v, 18) modSkinPadding(v, 2) modSkinColor(v, .2, .2, .2) v:GetPushedTexture():SetTexture'' v:GetCheckedTexture():SetTexture'' end
  3. Narki

    Friends List Addon Help

  4. Narki

    Friends List Addon Help

    CT_PlayerNotes http://addons.us.to/addon/ct
  5. Narki


    i farm dm east with 5,479 mana. very easy. if i don't have luck to critical strikes (rare situation), i use some cheap health/mana potion, or desperate prayer. inner focus ,before pull ,helps a lot to.
  6. Narki

    [Addon] NotGrid

    very lightweight , nice raidframes, i like it, thank you!
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    Post Your UI #3456789

    minimalism <3 i like it.
  8. Narki

    Shapeshift Macros

    Prowler addon <3 http://addons.us.to/addon/prowler
  9. Narki

    Specific Addons

    1. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info9191-AttackBarTimer.html
  10. hi! any chance to make with this addon spammable macro for shapeshift? like in tbc /cast [stance:1] Feral Charge or /cast !Bear Form i bind Bear form to "mouse scroll down", Cat form to "mouse scroll up", and when server start lag, sometimes i scroll it twice, what takes me back to caster form :( thank you.
  11. Narki

    .wr off

    most idiotic solution, what i ever seen.
  12. Class Portraits Simple addon which shows class icon instead of a portrait for player-controlled characters (both your and opposing faction). Does not change portraits of pets, mobs and NPCs. Everybody know this addon, but this is Class Portraits with alternative UI-CLASSES-CIRCLES.BLP Just take a look: i don't know who author of this .BLP , i take it from TBC Evolve PWP UI. Download link: ClassPortraits.rar or http://www.mediafire.com/file/54h7m22j55ptdwd/ClassPortraits.rar
  13. conflict with modui "predicted heal" , i think.
  14. Narki

    Post Your UI #3456789

    just retexture, like ai-art. this http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info23246-RetexforActionBar.html but i change micromenu bar, and action bar icons, if need i upload my /Interface folder later.