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    Character Restoration from Nost

    Did you not read what I wrote? They never sent me a token, you inbred. I could not do anything else.
  2. JonErickson

    Character Restoration from Nost

    It'd be cool if you guys offered some sort of character restoration on your end. Seems like something that could be easily taken care of.
  3. JonErickson

    Character Restoration from Nost

    I assume they are not doing anything for those of us who were screwed over by all of it?
  4. JonErickson

    Character Restoration from Nost

    Dope, totally cucked. Nice.
  5. JonErickson

    Character Restoration from Nost

    Hello, So I haven't really checked back about any of this in a while but I was wondering if there are any ways in which my character from the original Nostalruis server can be restored in some fashion? I had attempted to re-obtain my character when the realm was reborn by Elysium but I was never given a token to transfer my account and I had since heard all characters had been deleted. Wishing/hoping that isn't exactly the cause, here I am for more information.
  6. Hello, Similar to my last post, I am seeking information about gaining my Nostalrius transfer token that is not showing up in my email. Are we close to a solution? It is not in any of my junk folders. Also, your Nostalrius account recovery tool does not work to solve this issue as it requires my account to have already been transferred which makes no sense. How am I supposed to recover my account that needs transferring if I can't transfer it? That is what your GMs have told me to do. The way I see it, a transfer token could be generated and then given to me manually but I don't actually know that much about the process. I'm really hoping this can be figured out soon.
  7. JonErickson

    Any update for those of us w/o tokens?

    Yes I am using outlook. I know that there is a problem with it, I'm just wondering if there a fix yet. I miss my warlock:(((
  8. Hi, I'm wondering if there are any updates for those of us who are not receiving transfers tokens in our emails. Is there a work around yet?
  9. JonErickson

    Token not in my email

  10. JonErickson

    Token not in my email

    I first attempted to obtain a token more than a day and half ago and I have since tried numerous times.
  11. JonErickson

    Token not in my email

    Hello, I know that this is a problem many people seem to be experiencing but I figured I would post as well in an effort to get some individual assistance. I tried to get a token so that I could transfer my warlock from Nost. I entered in my account name and email which the site accepted and indicated that it had been sent however it is nowhere to be seen within my email account. It is not in the spam/junk/clutter folders and it is not in the normal inbox. I'm hoping I can get some help with this as I do not plan on releveling a warlock and getting back to the point my current warlock is at now as that would take too long and I would be so far behind the people that I want to play with. Thank you for your time and I hope that I can join everyone in game, -Xurag