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  1. Same problem, i tried to delete WDB and synchonize but nothing worked.
  2. Ravick

    Suzerain's Resignation

    Best wishes to you Suzerain, your work here on Elysium was very appreciated. I hope you'll be back one day, otherwhise good luck for your future.
  3. Several ex devs from Nostalrius team joined Elysium team if i'm not wrong, so i wouldn't worry about it. Core is in good hands.
  4. Thank you Elysium team, Vanilla dream is alive and will stay alive :)
  5. Thank you for fresh server devs! 4k-5k is perfect and there're no queues, we can finally play :D You're awesome!
  6. Glad to play again, thank you both Nostalrius and Elysium team