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  1. Seanimoose

    Max Pet Resistance?

    Training 120 + T2 bonus 60 + Motw 27 + Paladin aura 33 + Juju 15 = 255 is the maximum resist you can achieve (frost or fire). Unless someone can enlighten me.
  2. Seanimoose

    Solo Reavers DM

    Chain CC on one with rocket helm/magic dust maybe. If you can't kill them I don't see how it's possible to do without dying.
  3. Seanimoose


    Hastings's post is truly a /thread.
  4. Seanimoose

    Snarler bugged?

    Oof... I've been waiting for someone to comment on him since the merge. Had high hopes.
  5. Seanimoose

    Registration button not lighting up on Play Now page

    yep, i mentioned in my OP that i completed the recaptcha, the problem appears to be the register button being placed behind the recaptcha box. when I hit refresh I can see the register button for a second quickly move there, eek ! finally got it! resolved! watch out ppl!
  6. see Title.. I've tried three different browsers multiple times after filling in my info checking the terms and use and completing the CAPCHA, nadda... not one browser will even let me create an account. =[ Forum account successful... ! But a little worried here because I did successfully generate a token.