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    Lupos & 1.9

    Hello, lupos is now doing 'normal melee' damage (not shadow) ? I just noticed mine was doing 'normal melee' damage, thanks.
  2. Nstplf

    Reflectors Mechanics

    Link 2004-2006 vanilla movies, not nostalrius movies
  3. Nstplf

    Reflectors Mechanics

    Nah, all mages/lock will told you : reflectors should only reflect if you use it pre cast, they are afraid about dc/pyro reflect :^( tbh, its hard to find a 'vanilla movie' from retail where some one is using reflector on mid flying dc/pryo, but if some one find one, link it plox :^)
  4. Nstplf

    Patch notes = amazing

    Hunter pet abilities now benefit from the pet's happiness. Arcane Shot now uses physical crit and hit rules. Fixed the critical damage bonus received from Hunters’ Humanoid and Monster Slaying talents. Gnomish Battle Chicken now should work as intended. Goblin Rocket Helm now knocks the wearer down on use. :^)
  5. nice фекал post travolta :^)
  6. This guy is right, end of the story. If you want 15-30 minutes timers, you guys are some big ваууing jokes, but, keep asking for it :^) Vast majority of hunters did the quest with 7h timers, and you, guys, are some crybaby :^) Let me explain why : This is one of the few good hunter weapons available, aka : this bow, bwl xbow, aq40 gun, naxx bow ?, KT xbow. So, you have 5 viable weapons as hunter in the whole pve content, and you want to get one of them with minimal time investment, you will basicaly keep this bow for months if you r not realy lucky on chromagus xbow drop, but, you, still want this quest to be done the easy way, with minimal time investment, because, for you '7h despawn is not blizzlike, neither 3h is'. Not many people doing the quest 'back then' (like if it was 10 years ago in some weird old country) https://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=16819&hilit=nestplouf&start=4470 https://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=16819&p=200005&hilit=nestplouf#p200005 You can add all the peoples by passing the list, so, you can add like 40-50% more peoples to this, it was 7h timer. Now, take a look at https://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=16819&hilit=nestplouf&start=5420 As we can see, using 3h timer, you can notice, the list number decreased, i will not say 'huge', but for a decent (realy decent) amount, Now, you guys, are asking for 30 minutes timers, so this way; every casual hunter will be able to get this quest, done, and, as a casual, if you struggle to get this quest done, you will never ( or probably, lets say 80%) going to get bwl xbow, aq40 gun, or kt xbow (or even r14 weapons lul), so, you will keep this bow for 'ever', but, you still want this quest to be done on a 30 minutes timers, so everyone can jump around in green gear using some cool epic bow, sounds legit ? Nope.
  7. qq not blizzlike qq, it was 7h, was totaly fine, now its 3h, its also totaly fine, stop cry, deal with it :^)
  8. I did this quest long time ago, when demons was on a 7h timer. I was forced to put alarm to 4 am / 5 am to bypass the list, i did the quest in few days, i understand that most of the peoples cant do this kind of фекал. But, i realy enjoyed this quest, it was painfull, and i was so ваууing happy when i got my items even if i changed bow for bwl xbow few weeks after. You should be happy to be able to do this quest on a 3h respawn timer, it's a fckin epic bow bois, you will use it in aq40 if your not lucky enough to get the bwl xbow, you will basicaly keep it for months, so, i think, you can spend some time on the quest to get this bow. If you find this quest 'toooo hard omfg i'm a familly dad 5 childrens one waifu 2 full time jobs gotta work for cash money lololololol' you can take a look at the cool artifcat weapons available on retail :^)