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    What's your favorite area music ?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dA4oCjxoepk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va22CsKKLsE
  2. crrricket

    After Disconnect you fall thru ground

    Same happened to me like 10 mins ago. Doing AB, died, got a dc. Ok log back in and I'm falling through map into darkness, dc again. Happened through whole AB.
  3. Doing AB, constant DCs! What is going on?
  4. crrricket

    I Can't log on the server?

    [11:09 PM] Jakira: @here All realms will be brought down for emergency maintenance to help resolve the disconnecting issue. Please be patient, and it will be resolved soon. Thank you. On discord.
  5. crrricket

    Nostralius Token Transfer problem

    You can't. Open a new account, and start leveling.
  6. crrricket


    Check their twitter, 1hr :(
  7. crrricket


    Hope they fix this soon. I wanna play!
  8. crrricket


    You are lucky my friend.
  9. crrricket


    I did. I felt the same lol.. Those DCs had a really eerie vibe tbh.
  10. crrricket

    When I log in I immediately get disconnected

    I was doing AB, and this shit strarted happening
  11. crrricket

    Player Report - Disabling Quest

    Man you're sad af.
  12. crrricket

    Anathema Down

    Well I just tried to log in, just got from work. I saw something was odd, checked twitter/status and I realized that the server is offline. Idk if they gave in-game notice tho, and I agree with you.
  13. crrricket

    Anathema Down

    The server is down. Always check the realm status.
  14. Kudos to you man. Couldn't be said better.
  15. Oh jesus, cry more. It's a fucking pvp server, what do you expect? A bundle of cash and pat on the back? And people not helping out is because they don't give a shit. Nothing more, nothing less. F f s
  16. That is amazing =D Community is great really. I feel you completely, but I'm glad you started to enjoy it!
  17. crrricket


    As you all can see from the title, the toon in question is Lorakain, lvl 60 human rogue. I was watching stream from our well known Horde player Frostadamus, great streams, very chill and enjoyable. And as always he had to shut his stream down. Why? Because he is getting ganked. By the person I mentioned. All.the.ваууing.time. LITERALLY. It began to frustrate me A LOT, so I just wanted to say this, maybe I sound like a crybaby and I really don't give two ваууs about that, I just want to enjoy a great stream. Without being shut down because some player has no life, no skill at all Shoutout to Lorakain, you mentally challenged person, get a life noob and stop ganking low levels and git good retarded bonobo
  18. crrricket


    Yes, I watch other people play WoW for 24/7 because I have no life, I am jobless without anything meaningful to do in my life. Please, don't be ignorant. Thank you all for yohr attention and comments. Will not respond to this thread, just had to vent.
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    Will do
  20. crrricket

    Cannot log in

    Hello, well I played normally until now. Got disconnected and when I tried to log back in, it immediately said "Disconnected from server". Tried multiple times, always the same. Any tips how to fix this or is the server down? Thanks.
  21. crrricket

    Cannot log in

    Sorry for the late response. Checked everything you said, it is all good. Don't have that problem anymore. Thank you!