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  1. DPS

    Too Many Vanilla Veterans!

    Thats why WoW is "dying". Since Blizzard isn't producing content with "Blizz spirit" anymore (no more wow from ~wotlk/cata). So yeah, WoW as gaming community have only 2 ways: Re-release of "new WoW" or custom private servers with Blizzlike spirit, and I bet that 2-nd option is going very soon.
  2. lvling 1-70 in TBC takes SAME amount of time as lvling 1-60 during Vanilla times. And yeah, ofc 60-70 "pre-nerfed" cause Blizzard wants people to "see" TBC content
  3. Another one hunter...Try to iterate this as warrior?
  4. DPS

    Paladin Threat Generation

    Its 191-192 with 5/5 1H spec, 5/5 imp SoR, 1000 spelldamage and 1.6 weapon(Widow's remorse). W/o any additional buffs(No sanc aura, no Nightfall etc) And 358-359 with same stats but with 2.9 speed (R14 1H sword), and 518x with 4.0 2H Weapon.
  5. DPS

    Best offhand weapon

    To be fair its 95% with 310, and 100% with 315. You also forgot that Maladath is 56.4 dps item, so extra dps on it compensate lack of stats. (while BB is 5dps lower and Warblade is 8dps lower). I'm not talking that Mala rocks, but still Mala not worse than BB/Warblade (at least if you're not using R14 2.9 speed swords for Extra attack).
  6. DPS

    Paladin Threat Generation

    190x with 1000spell damage is w/o sactity and nightfall. Also one hand spec included in numbers. That's numbers comes not from math, but from live test on Elysium core GM account, using .modify spelldamage 1000
  7. DPS

    Paladin Threat Generation

    Proofs? I tested it. You need 1000spell damage to make paladin with Widow's remorce to hit for 190.
  8. DPS

    Paladin Threat Generation

    Your memory is bad:
  9. DPS

    Best offhand weapon

    For humans Maladath isn't so good as for other races for sure, but still thats rock! Cause of weapskill cap for glancing blows is 315, not 310.
  10. DPS

    Paladin Threat Generation

    @killerduki I'm not pala hater! I'm neutral to all classes. Thats like "Perdition Blade hater" or "Might of Menethil hater" - only retards are hating instruments. All classes are instruments as for me. I'm just wanna to make this calculations more correct. In general this calcs show same results as I did before.
  11. DPS

    Paladin Threat Generation

    Oh, so paladin will get so much debuffs =) Also holy light shouldn't provide threat on full HP targets. Overheal isn't generates aggro for any healing.
  12. DPS

    Paladin Threat Generation

    JoL isn't generates threat if target on full HP. So on practice this numbers will be much lower. Also can't get where you got 339 spell damage and how you got "DPS" numbers?
  13. DPS

    Best offhand weapon

    best OH prio stats: 1. Sword(if you're combat sword speced) 2. Huge DPS 3. Awesome stats 4. Speed So, ideally your OH should be fast sword with huge DPS and lots of stats (eg Iblis), but in pre-naxx content there is lack of goodand fast OH swords(only ZG one), but still, CTS or Maladath is better (its 2.6 and 2.2 speed).
  14. Guys! We're discussing in TS. Is there any Horde "analogue" building to Darnassus gates?
  15. DPS

    Question about Paladin healing.

    Paladin is #1 PvP healer! In PvE #2 after priests, but healing in raid as paladin is easiest thing! You never goes OOM! You never dies, you can save players with BoP, LoH, you can save yourself with buble, pala is best dispeller and Blessing of Freedom pretty rocks both in PvP/PvE. Skilled paladin is think any raid is looking for!