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  1. gambinho

    Fresh Realm Name?

    clown fiesta
  2. gambinho

    Best places to level pets

    kill elite. infront of rfd, infront of zf, with help of a friend in tyrs hand
  3. gambinho

    AFKing at ST? is it really ok?

    nah, not true. the horde premade rn is better than the horde premades from 2month ago and better than the best alliance premace.
  4. gambinho

    Question about Paladin healing.

    yes theyre very good both in pve and pvp
  5. gambinho

    The state of Elysium pvp

    i watched cadets stream where they turtled the horde premade and the permaban is such a joke in my opinion. i dont want to waste to much time and write long post here but a "competent" gm shpuld look at the vod once more and unban the 2guys asap
  6. i still cant believe that there are people in 2017 that think horde has the upperhand in av.
  7. who cares about repgain? almost everyone is exalted by this point so why would anyone want fast games?
  8. @flowqz because you didnt quote 1-2 defenders can fuck up any backdoor attempt easily
  9. sarcasm or the most clueless guy in history?! i dont really know
  10. gambinho

    Real PvP Guild on Ally

    Mostly the best pve guild is the best pvp guild too. Pvp only guilds are shit 99,9% of the time
  11. if you play pvp get the one with 11stam.
  12. gambinho

    R14 and PVP Updates.

    when does the blue gear gets updated and do we need to rank to 10 again to purchase it?!
  13. you should use ingame ticket and submit evidence (screenshots,videos) there
  14. gambinho

    No bonus honor?

    either join a premade or defend farm for a few honor ticks. its not that hard
  15. gambinho

    No bonus honor?

    you dont get bonushonor if you lose ab 2000:0
  16. gambinho


    it may sounds odd to some people but that was one of the mainreasons i quit playing spriest
  17. i know that little sissies get triggered easily nowadays but are you for real? gtfo
  18. gambinho

    Warsong Gulch Extremely Unfair

    no, if you want to rank up fast it makes much more sense to pvp at lower brackets
  19. gambinho

    Problem with fast Targetswitches

    Hey Guys, Im playing Mage for the first time and i have this one problem: When im fighting 2 Mobs and i sheep Mob1 and then immediatly cast a fb at Mob2, the fb hits Mob1 eventhough i hadnt him in Target anymore. Is this a common problem? How do i avoid it
  20. gambinho

    [AddOn] aux and more

    but def. not like 10-5-2.5-immune. its longer
  21. gambinho

    [AddOn] aux and more

    Yes i will Test it more when im back Home friday or saturday. Is there maybe a way to turn off the dr bar completely? i dont think the drs work on this Server at all
  22. gambinho

    [AddOn] aux and more

    hey i have this problem with ccwatch, the dr bar often stays visible instead of vanishing after the fight. i have to /reload to fix this.
  23. gambinho

    Ahn'Qiraj Hype Thread

    grats. i dont play on anathema anymore but logged in my green geared trash rogue to watch the opening. was awesome