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  1. Fardragon

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    lol xD
  2. Fardragon

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    Video from original Vanilla and there Reckbomb didnt gone afrer death.
  3. Bannable for what? In PvP server nobody cares about you doing quests or something.
  4. Fardragon


    Admin responded: "We didnt apply the BG fix really soon. Right now we testing it in Anathema and if it will work as we expected, then we apply it to Elysium"
  5. Fardragon


    Devs still dont do enything about it. No announcements, nothing.
  6. Fardragon

    Anathema Updates 20/09/2017

    Where is BG changes for Elly?
  7. Fardragon


    PM wanna easy farm, but other ppl dont. Good change will be: make PM vs PM only competition but "easyfarmes" dont wanna do it that way much less. But seriosly guys, BGs not only for you.
  8. Fardragon

    Elysium PvP change 3ppl max

    Such a liars Devs :(
  9. Fardragon


    Holy Priest
  10. Fardragon

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    Per 10 games last night i faced 4 full PMs and some teams had 3-5 ppl in party. Good team of 5 ppl didnt that strong as full 10 ppl PM but almost unbeatable for a complete PUG. Its not a good PvP competition with 50/50 chances for every team, its more like a cancer. So 75-80% chances is absolutely right!
  11. Fardragon

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    Thank God. These chenese sht will ends...
  12. Fardragon

    Defeatist attitude in PvP

    BGs PvP on this server is simply DEAD. Ally side: vs PM - they will kick your ass quick and its over; vs PUG if your team start lose they just AFK and do nothing. 10% of all matches will be good even if you lose, all other just... trash. Horde side: First you will wait for 10-15 mins. vs PM - same as ally; vs PUG your teammates sometimes wanna win cause next time they'll wait for 15 mins until next match and most important it can be aganist PM, so it will be a huge waste of time. 15 mins - quick lose - another 15 mins. So they will not drop the game so easly. These situation is just sht and not good. Devs need start do something about it.
  13. Fardragon

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    Guys, HoW's AA CD reset is bug or not?