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  1. Silverlan

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    That's a vg server video, not vanilla.
  2. I don't understand this mentality. The reason you want this reputation is because you're both a completionist and to prove how hard you worked in this game. But at the same time you ask to make it easier, which reduces the meaning of doing it in the first place. Enjoy the 'vanilla experience'. Don't try and shortcut something because you feel it's too difficult - expecially when the whole reason you want to do it is because it's a hardcore grind!
  3. Silverlan

    Retribution - give me back what's mine

    The fix was not to balance, and the server does not try and balance classes. I too like the idea of a paladin/ priest holy crusade raid with stacked judgements but if it's not included in vanilla then it should not be included now. This is similar to the previously mentioned clear casting bug (chance to proc per hit as opposed to per cast) meaning mages used to be able to farm BRD very easily. However it was a stock mangos bug included from the start of nost, and was fixed using input on the github. This was not a balance change to nerf mages, purely ironing out bugs.
  4. Silverlan

    Holy Paladins in Leveling, Groups and Vanilla

    You can heal dungeons as ret, just bank a seperate set of gear for when you need to heal.
  5. Silverlan

    Retribution - give me back what's mine

    This is the paladin forum so I can understand there being some bias however the developers are not trying to purposely nerf a class. They are fixing bugs when they appear. If you want to prove something existed in vanilla then find evidence. They can not implement something based on hearsay. It's as simple as this.
  6. Silverlan

    Retribution - give me back what's mine

    The aim of this server is to make the game blizzlike. If a abilities acted a certain way in vanilla then they should continue on this server. If an ability is not working as intended it should be fixed. This is the real reason behind the fix. There has been massive debate on this issue already so i understand if you haven't read it. Have a look at the following link and it will go a bit further into detail. https://github.com/elysium-project/server/issues/2495 There are other github reports and forum debates but this summarises well. As always if you have new evidence that seals could stack in vanilla then please post it but I hope you can read the link and understand why they made the choice they did.
  7. Silverlan

    Retribution - give me back what's mine

    The problem is this is a private server and they have progressively fixed bugs. It does not matter what you assumed, if it is a bug it should be fixed. The same situation is with mages and clear casting procs on multiple mobs which was a nerf and a fix in one. I have seen the evidence and not seen suitable evidence that they stack, the same as the admins on the server. Unfortunately the burden of proof is on you. It should be easy to find a video of seals stacking.... right?
  8. Silverlan

    Retribution - give me back what's mine

    Maybe it is not implemented yet but it should be shortly: https://github.com/elysium-project/server/pull/2338 Either way they are trying to fix it and one bug does not excuse another.
  9. Silverlan

    Retribution - give me back what's mine

    Find proof that seals stacked and submit a bug report to Github and they will fix it. They fixed people being able to drink in combat. Edit: Find NEW evidence that hasn't already been discussed which the admins based their decision on. It needs to be clear evidence that seal stacking existed in vanilla.
  10. I disagree with adding the pvp update earlier than AQ and a few of the arguments are false imo: If people are not pvping now for "fun" i doubt people will start pvping for "gear" - and if they do it won't be sustainable as they will stop once they are geared. Also a change like this won't bring people back to the server - the fact is that people stop playing after BWL and then ZG because it's the tipping point between casual raiding to serious raiding ect. Updating pvp gear early does create a gear imbalance both in pvp and pve. Right now the complaints are that PvE gear is comparable to dungeon blues - is this really an issue? It's more of a balanced gear level than someone in dungeon blues trying to fight someone in their updated pvp set. It also works the other way in PvE - you can theory craft what you want in terms of what is better but it's a fact that top tier warriors like Monkeynews were using updated pvp gear in raids like BWL and used it to push the meters. Early raids are already trivial enough without this new gear level. It may only be for certain classes but the PvP gear is better. Look at this at 30 seconds and count pvp gear: The argument that they have already made none blizzlike changes so they can do another is idiotic. They have taken steps to preserve the Blizzlike "feel" and compensate for information that was not as widely known/ abused in the past such as the lasher farm. These are for better of for worse but were done to improve the general running of the server. This request is different, imo it is a gear grab for people who want a short term reward. It is the same as people asking for T1 to be updated early and you could use the exact same arguments. The funny thing is I remember this exact argument in reverse that PvPers had Naxx level gear (because it was updated in Naxx) so early in progression and this is why they have chosen not to do it on Ely. You all seem to argue that they did it on Nost so they can do it here but forgot the fact they learnt from this mistake. It is not an unkown change when they have no idea what will happen - it has been done on Nost and they used that experience to say they will update it with AQ.
  11. Silverlan

    Give a pala a taunt...

    Further to all of this, as mentioned before you are in an incredibly good place to prove us all wrong. You have a character with a thunderfury on a server which is approaching a raid full of undead. I know your reason for quiting and will not argue how valid that is but surely you want to go out there and test this stuff and prove it to people? Yes there are still bugs but truly how many are left which drop your ability to tank? Bearing in mind warriors still can not proc chance on hit as they should.
  12. Silverlan

    Give a pala a taunt...

    We will not agree on the stamina vs block value and there is not much I can say that hasn't been said already. Just know there has been times when I have taken burst damage and survived with <100 hp. If i had gone for block enchants as oposed to stamina I would have died. This alone shows it's value to me. This is linked with the Safiron / LGG comparison - i simply can not say it's so much better. You can pop Gem when you know burst or stuns are incoming and give you a buffer, the block trinket will not save you the same way. Even if we agree it is better, it can also be used by a warrior who benefits from the effect as well - with the added benefit of mpre TPS as shield slam scales with block value. I really don't understand the aggressiveness when I said about the comparison between shield block and holy shield. I will not change my opinion over the use of pushing spike damage of the attack table is better than a lesser increase im blocl chance + more block value. You really can not state that paladins lose nothing by going FR gear - that is simply not true. I understand your reasoning but unless your BiS list has tbe necissary FR then it's just not true. I will accept your exaggeration but understand how easy it is for a warrior to control Rag with taunts. Anyway Rag is a bit of a moot point because he's easy for anyone. I understand you are saying you can always BoP in addition to the paladin healer but this will just loop indefintely. What i mean is that BoP can always be done by a healer, taunt can only be done by the warrior tank. I understand what you're saying a tanking paladin can bring as oposed to a healing one but the fact is paladins are amazing healers so you will have them anyway. When combined with a warrior tank they become a strong pair of combined spells and skills. A paladin tank and another paladin healer does not really bring anything more than another bubble.
  13. Silverlan

    Give a pala a taunt...

    I just want to address some points: Stamina is generally prefered to block value because 10 block value is less valuable than 1 stamina. While you do want the maximum mitigation, stamina gives the large health pool that allows you to survive burst damage. Generally block value will not save you, but stamina will. Imagine it in the extremes, stack block value and have no stamina or no block value and all stamina. 60 damage reduction on blocks will not make a massive difference as the healers can compensate, but there's no way a healer can increase your max hp out of the burst damage. Also think about when you are stunned ect, that's when stamina shoots up in value. BoP is a useful tool. It can be used on taunt immune bosses to control them and will be useful but consider the two points: It is not garanteed to return to the paladin. Imagine as a tank you have 100 threat. Warlock 1 pulls aggro with 130 threat, and the boss moves to them so you BoP them. However warlock 2 has 115 threat - the boss is now going to them and you can not prevent it. Imagine a warrior in this situation, with a paladin healer. The warrior loses agro, boss moves. The paladin healer uses BoP instead. The warrior can then also taunt to save warlock 2. Other live saving measures such as LoH are not exclusive to a paladin tank and can be provided by the healers. The only exclusive ability you have is bubble - which i agree is very strong. However it is not as good as shield wall, gem and last stand. I'm confused a bit about this argument with block percentage as normally a warrior would be using shield block to boost their block which is one of the core reasons they are so strong. Rag specifically has issues because he targets mana users with fireball and knockback, so you will not have consistent kickbacks. Yes you can resist it but that also means you're stacking fire res above what is really necessary and this will limit your tps output. 2 warriors (which you would have anyway) will just soak the timed knockback and swap then taunt. Rag is very easy but this is still relevant. Paladins do have benefits in using mana - but normally warriors will not struggle with rage. You adjust gear to the encounter so you will be able to have enough rage, hit ect. I'm not saying paladins can't tank but i believe you should take these things into account. The biggest issue i see with paladin tanks(or even retri) is what do they bring that they would not do as a healer. I see paladins can tank, and generate a lot of tps, but is it any better than a warrior - expecially considering how many tools a warrior has at their disposal to control the fight and save themselves.
  14. Silverlan

    Give a pala a taunt...

    You are still repeating that paladins get twice the amount of procs than warriors which is simply untrue. I'm not going to go into detail as the other thread covers this, but by saying SoR generates twice as many procs as a warrior is only correct if the warrior is using Auto attacks only. This is obviously never the case. Like I say, I'm not going into detail or arguing if paladins or warriors get more procs, just correcting this fallacy
  15. What is the problem with copying characters from Elysium to Anathema when Naxx has been cleared (on Anethema). This means they havea short amount of time to farm Naxx for gear but Anethema people still have an advantage - which is important imo, they have played longest out of all servers and deserve that reward. By copying characters you can still progress on Elysium while also joining TBC. This seems fair to me, what issue would there be with this? Is it not a solution?