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  1. Ashocck

    ETA on Seal of Wrynn not sucking?

    By the time it stops sucking, it'll suck for you anyway, unless you're a twink.
  2. Ashocck

    Raiding as a casual player?

    Indeed. I play to play, not to socialize. My RL friends don't play. Whatever few online WOW friends I've had, were pvpers like me.
  3. Ashocck

    Raiding as a casual player?

    You've found me out.
  4. Ashocck

    Raiding as a casual player?

    When you are melee dps, this can happen even with dkp. Happened to me in retail vanilla when we raided MC for several months.
  5. Ashocck

    Raiding as a casual player?

    Ok with raiding for months and not getting gear? No - consider playing retail....
  6. 1. Transfer is free. 2. Don't que at lvl 10.... just don't. 3. Pre 60 BGs have long queues, unless it's a WSG or AB weekend. At 60, ally queues are almost instant. Problem with ally BGs are that you are either a part of a premade or you WILL lose. Ally pugs are incredibly bad, worse than in retail. 4. World PVP is certainly alive and well....if you are Horde. If you are ally, prepare to be killed constantly in most areas. You need lots of patience to lvl an ally toon. 5. At lvl 10, you are playing in ally zones, so horde does not go there and therefore you are not seeing any world pvp. Duskwood, Ashenvale and Redridge will be your first pvp zones, and really only Ashenvale has a decent mix if both factions. Once you hit STV, you'll have more pvp than you can handle, trust me. Try to quest in a group. 6. There are no US servers. This is a good thing, as they would be shut down. However, there is a tonn of US players and finding ppl to play with is not an issue at all. Also, Elysium has about 5 times the pop of ZK, keep that in mind. ZK is pretty dead at this point. The above info is for the Elysium server, btw. GL.
  7. Ashocck

    Question about PvP ranks

    You can skip, but it's not just HKs, its overall honor. GL skipping at higher ranks, tho.
  8. Actually, this is much worse than retail ever was due to gigantic size of the server pop.
  9. Blasted Lands has moderate ganking and is doable. Make sure you get the killing quests from the 2 Belfs. If you dont, its not worth it.
  10. Well, I'd tell u but then certain horde players would get additional info, so I won't be specific. Let's just say that there are certain areas where you can get some quests done and also get some grinding in. WPL is ok in the low 50s. Just be aware that the FP is const antly ganked. You will be ganked in other areas there, but not constantly. Felwood is not too bad for questing. Burning Steppes is real bad, or at least it was bad before DM opened, might be better now, not sure. Searing Gorge, ditto. A particular area in Tanaris is good for grinding, almost never any horde there. So is a particular area in Feralas, but that was before DM. Once you get ti 52-53, Winterspring is not too bad either. Un'Garo is surprisingly not horrible and there are lots of quests, just have some patience. Most of the ganking occurs at Marshalls refuge actually. Now, EPL you should forget completely, it is teaming with scumbags who want to wear your face as a mask, trust me Finally, I leveled from 58 to 60 on..... umm, just Google highest lvl Ogres in vanilla and you'll find the place. I guess that's too much info there but oh well. Just prepare for lots of grinding and deaths, but you can make it. Maybe.
  11. The answer to griefing is actually rather simple. Generally speaking, a large number of ppl are scum. In RL, being an obvious scum, notice I said obvious, has dire consequences, sooner or later. In retail WOW, it is usually later or sometimes not at all. On a private server, it is always "Not at all".
  12. Ashocck

    What the **** alliance?

    I PUGed about 75% and did PMs the rest of the time. Lemme tell you, if we had an AFKer once, they'd never be on the team again. In fact, I don't think we ever had any afkers. PVP is either taken seriously, or you're not playing with serious pvpers. Period. This is in retail of course. Dunno about this place. As far as arena, you are correct, although arena pvp is completely different from BGs. It is more of a dueling type of pvp, and it measures a sort of team dueling skill. Still it's obviously a moot point in vanilla.