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  1. Hey Ishkandir, I'll look for you in game to send you an invite. 🙂
  2. Guild: <Just Too Epic> Faction/Focus: Horde / PvE Timezone: North America Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9PM-12AM Central Standard Time (CST) [4AM Server time] Progression: Our first week of Karazhan raids are in the book, and it turned out excellent. Currently progressing on Netherspite in Karazhan [7/11]. Recruitment: Open to all classes and levels. We are looking specifically for healers to fill our 25-man raid core. Notes: Please contact Bigosh, Smiggs or Tuxedoduck for more information or a guild invite. Guild discord information provided upon invitation to the guild.
  3. Yeah suddenly it just worked... but now I can't see any NPC's or players in game so it's worthless anyway. Not really sure what the problem is, with new characters I can see everything. Just not on my transferred character...
  4. Must've been lag. Solved now. Thanks.
  5. Hello. I cannot rename my character on the Nostalrius PvP realm. Once I enter a new name, it says "Renaming Character..." for about five minutes, then pops up a prompt that says it has failed to rename. If I enter a name again, the same thing happens over and over again, so I am unable to play. Any solution to this? Thanks ahead of time. Drissin Nostalrius PvP