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    DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    Not sure exactly what caused it, but DPS mate suddenly stopped showing my dps. Or including me in the meter in any way. Just myself though. Tried two different versions including the most recent just now. In a raid it shows everyone but myself. Is this an issue with anyone else? I know for a little while the logger was having issues with the folder being read only, despite it not being read only.
  2. I'd say ban the kid. He cries in his streams when someone kills him anyway. He's got the maturity of a toaster oven. People that just like to cause drama from nothing and endanger an entire community in the process should not be allowed to have so much influence. Just get rid of him and move on.
  3. pureless

    Development Update 17.02.2017

    This is a bloody lie :P. Also, the HP regen thing is annoying, lol.
  4. pureless

    DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    It appears that Legacy Logs only shows damage that is redundant in all logs submitted. Our raids regularly have 3-4 people submitting logs and I've found that in fights like Razorgore where the groups are split up, it'll only log like 10-15k damage for some of the dps throughout the fight once all uploaders submit. I'm not sure how you've got the site setup but it definitely should not cancel out damage from, say, my logs simply because it doesn't show up in someone elses logs because they were too far away. Is this intended to be corrected? Just curious. Love the addon and dont wanna stop using it!
  5. pureless

    Expandable Character Stats?

    You want StatCompare
  6. pureless

    Post Your UI #3456789

    Keep in mind Discord Action Bars is not a novice addon. It takes quite a bit more thinking and know-how to configure the way you want it. Especially when you get into the scripting side of it. Just giving you a heads up that it's not Bongos with 3 or 4 sliders and you're good.
  7. They already announced in the Legacy Network FAQ that no progression servers will be made and there will be no plan to allow transfers to one of the TBC servers in the network. So give that dream up :p
  8. pureless

    Wrath of the Lich King

    There is no timeline for expansion progression. Elysium literally just announced they will not be making any additional expansion servers. Elysium will remain Vanilla and will never have (at least in their current plans) another expansion server.
  9. pureless


    I'm pretty sure liberals and their evil ways are purged from the server. So just ban his account.
  10. pureless

    DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    Legacy Log question. Generally speaking we usually only have 2-4 people uploading to legacy-logs. But it always seems to destroy the melees parses when a healer uploads their data. In several fights, for example, I'll have around 90k dmg done and all melee sees my damage the same. And when i upload it reflects that. but as soon as a healer uploads, it gets cut in half. And i go from top, to near the tanks. Is this supposed to happen? They are synced. I also just noticed that every fight, even though the clear was all 1 shots, has at least 2 "attempts". One of the attempts is everyone, while the other is the same amount of time, but only around 5-8 people. As far as we can tell from comparing raid-stat parses and legacy-log parses, the legacy logs is never even remotely near being correct.
  11. pureless

    DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    Am I the only one that doesn't get any data collection on a majority of the tabs? Only curious. I never see a reporting on the interrupts, poison/disease/magic cleansed etc. Only ones I seem to get any data on is the DPS and heal related groups. Is that simply me or is this a known issue?
  12. pureless

    AQ Nature Resistance Gear for Tanks

    Please note that Sylvan and Ironvine are not / will not be in the game. Those were added in 1.11 as a catch up mechanic and will not be in the game on AQ release. Unless, of course, if Elysium decides otherwise. The only crafted items in the game will be the Sandstalker mail pieces (chest, gloves, bracers)
  13. pureless

    DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    I have looked through those options several dozen times... how did i miss that? Thank you.
  14. pureless

    DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    Few suggestions, are you going to implement any of the meters aside from healing and dps (none of the fail counters, X cured, CCbreaks etc actually do anything). And secondly, PUHHHLLLEEEESSSSSSS give us an option to remove the single most annoying thing I've ever experienced in this game, that stuipid freaking popup that we have to click every time we want to log out. lol. Thanks!