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  1. Bobtri

    Best shaman lvling spec?

    You run out of mana quick as elemental but then you run out of mana quick as enhancement too since you still have to use spells to do half decent DPS and you have a smaller mana pool and spells that do less damage. I also found enhancement really boring but elemental is fun and if you're on a PVP server you'd be stronger in PVP encounters. Honestly if I was to level my shaman again I would go mostly elemental, using a shield and flametongue.
  2. Bobtri

    Having trouble recovering nostalrius account.

    Yeah Nostalrius threw a hissy fit and asked Elysium to stop using their stuff. So all your Nostalrius characters are lost, sorry.
  3. Bobtri

    Druid specs viability in vanilla

    Resto is pretty much the only Druid spec that is needed at 60. As you said it's the same for any class that can heal, that's what most people will want you to do. I'm a 60 priest and I find healing on a priest more fun than with other healing classes I've tried. You have lots of healing spells for any situation while with the other healing classes your're mostly just spamming 1 or 2 spells. Priests are a good choice for a beginner because they are just very good healers but also a challenge to master due to learning how to use the right spells at the right time. All the healing classes have their niche however and will be wanted at 60. Play whatever you think you'll enjoy the most.
  4. Bobtri

    Priest Leveling Guide

    Yes you need to land the killing blow to get spirit tap. Spirit Tap Gives you a 20% chance to gain a 100% bonus to your Spirit after killing a target that yields experience. For the duration, your Mana will regenerate at a 50% rate while casting. Lasts 15 sec.
  5. China basically banned VPNs so a lot of the Chinese have disappeared recently.
  6. The servers are currently offline due to some problems, check the twitter. Don't worry, you've not been hacked.
  7. Take a screenshot and report it by opening a ticket.
  8. I think you have to be level 8 to speak to people. It's a method to stop the gold seller spam.
  9. At this rate they could have 6+ servers that would all have healthy populations.
  10. Nostalrius was originally a small French server. Back in 2015 they released a new English/EU server which rapidly grew to become highly popular with first a PvP realm and later a PVE realm. In April last year Nostalrius closed their servers after legal threats. Elysium was originally Valkyrie WoW, a Russian server. In August last year they released Elysium, an English/EU server which became quite popular. In November the old Nostalrius team announced they would be releasing their server core and player database to the Elysium staff. As a result the Elysium and Valkyrie server was closed while they migrated the Nostalrius server core and Nost/Elysium server player database over, with help from the Nostalrius staff. I now believe official cooperation between Nost and Elysium has ended although some staff from Nost have joined Elysium permanently. I think that's right... Yes I do believe they give all servers the same attention and care. I played on original Elysium server, they are good people.
  11. Bobtri

    Thank you!

    Yea, ignore the entitled whingers. You're doing God's work, Elysium.
  12. Bobtri

    Most fun Quest chains

    I like the Linken quest from Un'Goro crater. Epic, fun quest with nice rewards (and lots of Zelda/Nintendo references)
  13. Try deleting your /WTF/Account folder, worked for me.
  14. I had this problem at first, but I deleted my /WTF/Account folder and I connected straight away. Try it
  15. Bobtri

    Account got hacked

    Oh that's good news. Glad I could help :)