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  1. illutian

    Recent Issues & Future Plans

    Seeing the posts about ZK's pop. I would say ZK should have been rolled out as a 'fresh start' PVE server. Don't gimme the crap that Darrowshire is. It's not. It was running [as Nost PVE] for about two months before Nost shutdown. I get why ZK was made PVP, because Elysium was capping daily, but how many of those people would have been "okay" with the new server being PVE? ...then just delay 1.12 for a few extra months to get the other server caught up and see if a merge between Nost servers and Elysium servers is needed. Realistically, the project can only afford two server of each type. Maybe down the road if the project plans to go 'beyond vanilla', more servers can be added. But right now. It's not in the budget. ---- I would also suggest making a Patreon to fund the server. I think it'd be better to look and say "oh we're going to fundraise another $500 this month to cover" than "oh shit, we need $3k...like right the fuck now!".
  2. illutian

    Leveling is impossible

    Because it had been out for around a month before Nost shut their servers down. I wanted to experience the game 'from the beginning'. I figured there'd be PVP and I'm fine with it, because at 60 I'll be fucking bored. :P However, due to my limited time to play I probably should have gone PVE (like I did for Legion)...stupid Adulting... BTW: I do have characters on Darrowshire, too. But they're really "young" and probably wouldn't see lvl 60 till around 1.10.
  3. illutian

    Leveling is impossible

    Nothing to do, but reroll. Devs have already stated they'll never allow character transfers. ...just switch and power grind. ARGH! Why couldn't Zeth have been PVE... >_<
  4. illutian

    Development Update 25.01.2017

    What about Battlemaster NPC locations? I'm pretty sure it wasn't until later that cities had battlemasters. Prior to this you had to run to the BG portal to queue. I can't confirm for sure, because I started during 1.12.1 on retail, but I know by then the BG Portals AND Cities had the Battlemaster NPC (the ones you click to queue up). And assuming we're still at 1.2...is Azuregos going to be around still? :P
  5. Not to mention Battlemasters shouldn't be in the cities until later and even then they should have counterparts at the actual BG portals... :\
  6. I find it HIGHLY unlikely that no Horde is attacking any Alliance NPCs. I've checked and I'm, indeed, in the LocalDefense and WorldDefense channels. I have DefenseTracker addon set to not suppress those channels. I realize Elysium is young, but c'mon 11k on, about 54% Horde and not one of them attacks an Alliance NPC??? -- I've been looking at the sky; no pigs flying! EDIT: Nevermind! Thanks Horde for attacking Elwynn :P
  7. Looking for a guild that's semi-hardcore. Please at least speak English so I can understand. Definitely would like to raid and dungeon crawl. But my only reasonable days to play are on the weekends with farming on the weekday; due to work scheduling. Never really got a chance to raid Vanilla, my 'raiding career' started in TBC and progressed up to Cata and skipped over into WoD with LFR (again due to work being a PITA; no time to raid legit! :( ). Though, I have gone back and done the Vanilla raids at post-60, so most of the mechanics are familiar to me. I've no problem respeccing for Holy (or even Prot for those crazy RLs), but my main spec is Ret and will be initially gearing that way up into Dungeons.
  8. So...the Elysium/Zeth servers are staying up until the transition? :o
  9. illutian

    [A] <Legacy> Social Raid Progression

    Okay, I may be a bit obvious to stuff xD ...cept fire. I always notice (and get out of) fire!
  10. illutian

    [A] <Legacy> Social Raid Progression

    You mention raiding, what day/time would you be doing this? :o
  11. illutian

    Elysium PvP Realm Official Release Date

    Is there a timeline graph? :3