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    Old Vanilla Paladin Guide (Thru Naxx)

    What talents were/are new in 1.9 patch? Anathema is on patch 1.9 since aq right?
  2. Avtre


    Use the auction house in booty bay(neutral ah), buy your own stuff, profit!
  3. Avtre

    Fresh 60 aiming for PVP

    Hi guys and girls. I'm wondering how to proceed as a fresh 60 aiming to ret pvp mostly (reckbombs, yes please). Should I just start with farming av rep for pighead and keep ranking up till blue pvp gear. Or is it worth farming some gear before I start pvp since my gear from leveling will suck? If the later, what gear is recommended to obtain pre raid for pala ret pvp? What blues from dungeons is essential for pvping? I only got experience from warrior in vanilla and what I've read here, you can't gear up similar as a ret paladin Thanks Best regards Avtre
  4. Avtre

    Fresh 60 aiming for PVP

    Thanks for replies! So AV first and try to rank up fast with a 21/25/5 spec using SoR? Is a hybrid spec working even without any kind of proper gear? Or do I need to farm some essential gear? As previously said I will only have the ret lvling greens to begin with..
  5. Avtre

    reckoning pala unite!

    Is this with improved SoR or what specc do you recommend for this gear/play style?