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    Green Whelp Armor abusing.

    It got changed at patch 1.10. So if the devs stick to the timeline in this case you will have to wait until this patch rolls out. Is 1.10. out on Anathema, if so, then it's due to get fixed on Anathema but on Elysium its supposed to work until that patch just like Lupos gets changed at patch 1.9. and until then its considered a great pet. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=7450 "Equip: When struck by a melee attacker, that attacker has a 5% chance of being put to sleep for 10 sec. Only affects enemies level 50 and below. (cooldown 10 sec)"
  2. ismeckye

    Finding pick up groups

    It's not hard for any class at lower levels, you have 4 classes (warrior, paladin, shaman with 1h+shield and druid) who can tank, therefore it never takes long as long as you are pleasant to play with and ask nicely. A well written invite into a party for a tank goes along way. Say you are looking for a RFK run and need a tank, you now ask the eligible classes in 1k needles if they are interested and most likely, somebody is up to the task :)
  3. Ask a knowledgeable player if he take the role of group lead and mark stuff with raid/group markings. The guy who marks even can mark the own group and can decide to mark one guy which you are supposed to follow. You now see where to go and what to attack. Only TELL people that you are new. People will only get mad when you act like you know it all and then fail miserably. Range pull more often than not if you arent sure, pull back abit, apply sunder armor evenly throughout the group and then on the main killtarget. In low level dungeons its really no rocked science.
  4. It depends on what kind of PvPer you are speaking of. On Nostalrius the 2part set boni meant that alot of PvEers went the extra mile to improve their raidgear by rank 8/10 farm. Therefore they went into BGs for couple weeks, acquired said gear and rarely engaged in PvP again. But all the same people came to the project and left it, just the natural life cycle. Now for BGs it meant that you had a constant influx of PvE players which kept PvP alive and strong. The upgraded blue PvP gear was a really good idea. Best example would be the raider and PvPer Withthewrist rank 14 warrior: http://realmplayers.com/CharacterViewer.aspx?realm=Ely&player=Withthewrist He already only wears 4 epic PvP gear items, once he can get hold of Chromatic Boots, its only half of the epic gear anymore. It's really kinda sad to see such iconic shoulders like PvP shoulders replaced by first boss of BWL gear...
  5. One big advice: ONLY INSTALL ADDONS WHICH YOU KNOW. Some addons and setting changes can get you banned like AUX. It isnt bannable in itself but you can set it to buy stuff immediately without further player input. That is considered botting and is bannable. So know what your addons do!
  6. You mustve been mistaken on retail vanilla but on other pservers there were custom changes (most prominent would be Feenix) where you actually froze. But that isnt blizzlike and not implemented on Elysium.
  7. UD rogue is 100% a meme by now. http://vanillaradar.com/elysium-stats/ Use this. The least played classes are the ones you should roll to get EZ raid invites. Note that the least played classes (druid, shaman, paladin) are all healers and arent taken often in their DPS roles.
  8. ismeckye

    Geared out 60s

    1.12.1 talents, AddOns galore, you dont wipe to aggro anymore due to KTM, BigWigs tells you what to do etc. etc. Game is just old and everbody knows everything.
  9. ismeckye

    Is it too late to start?

    Yes, it is way too late. No point in starting now. The train as departed...
  10. ismeckye

    Thehammr Orc Warrior

    If he reserved it he had every right to reserve and ML. I had a run with 3/5 guildies and they had lead. Right before Emperor the shaman declares that he will roll on HoJ even though he was resto. It dropped and he won. The warrior didnt want some rando shaman who plays as resto potentially roll on his offset enhancement gear. You never know. I watched the screenshots and tbh, I think the rogue didnt want to continue because he had exactly in mind what the warrior feared: to ninja the reserved cape. How can he KNOW that the rogue or the resto wouldnt ninja it? You trust people too much. Would you run raids with FFA also and trust that people dont grab loot?
  11. ismeckye

    Faction concern for a newer player.

    From 29:00 mins onwards. A lvl 58 rogue is certainly NOT supposed to kill a lvl 60 r10+ mage (not quite sure if the mage was rank 10 or 13).
  12. ismeckye

    Faction concern for a newer player.

    You cant deny that all horde rankers HAVE to actively gank flight paths to gain ranks. That is not the case for alliance. This alone makes ganking happen a lot more often in Menethil Harbor, Burning Steppes etc.
  13. ismeckye

    Shaman mission bugged

    Submitting a ticket means: You open the ingame help desk and ask a GM for help. The GMs probably have access to your accountname anyways.
  14. ismeckye

    Faction concern for a newer player.

    If you arent an overall social player, I'd go horde. When I played alliance i had to problems but thats because I really like playing groups. And some rankers are just HORRIBLY bad. Saw a lvl 58 rogue destroy a rank 13 mage until the mage forcelogged off to avoid dying...
  15. ismeckye

    Shaman mission bugged

    He said submit a ticket.
  16. I dont know if you have played vanilla before so I will ask: Did you attach a fishing bauble from the fishing supply vendor? Are you fishing in skill appropiate areas (all lvl 1-10 areas like Dun Morogh, Durotar etc.) The capital city fishing ponds like in Thunder Bluff are already abit too high.
  17. ismeckye

    How are Druids in world pvp?

    The rank 13 mage who got destroyed over and over by him :D
  18. Well, there was players created solution without breaking the ToS (which was blizzlike) until the devs decided it should be bannable (not blizzlike). When both teams bring their horde pals, then whats the problem? There would be collusion on opposing alliance guilds (Sanctum and Progress) and all would be balanced. Historically on Nostalrius and now Elysium A LOT more chinese play horde therefore they are handicapped already due to language barrier and the noninterest for world bosses in chinese community. Now hardcore horde guilds stayed on Anathema (Dreamstate) and the hardcore hordes went alliance on Elysium. Therefore actions should be taken to make the server better.
  19. ismeckye

    Best Horde PvP guild?

    Problem is that people dont want to be in PvP guilds to play premades. If you dont give them raiding it's just not interesting enough. Brackets and neogtionations are what keep the rankers in check. A guild structure is mainly needed for raiding and RP PvP fun.
  20. ismeckye

    Ironfoe Testing

    It was stupidly high on feenix (20%?), still stupidly highly on Kronos (10%) and it was fixed on Nost/Elysium to 5ish%. It was one of the classic pserver bugs that existed for so long because nobody knew the historical value and just went with mangos procrates. It was waaay too good and became the best weapon deep into Naxx making weapon progression in AQ and BWL - given you didnt lose your wbuffs - nonexistant. Ironfoe scales really well with worldbuffs.
  21. ismeckye

    Shaman mission bugged

    Did you go back to the guy at the little tower/farm or did you expect to get it at the height where to you killed the elemental?
  22. I dont really mean doing Redridge in between queues. Rather one evening Redridge, next WSG. I havent ganked in Redridge myself yet, but seeing that you easily have 1,2k+ health as - say hunter - I feel like it shouldnt be too hard to kill grey/white/green geared lvl 25. Educate me, as I say, I havent been there yet. :)
  23. Then again when you explore everything before you actually start to grind for items, you can easily can be lvl 19 twink AND can go to redridge. Best of both worlds!
  24. It just doenst hold up another two minutes of thought. - What do you do against people who count down? - Do you want to punish people who want to play together because they become friends ingame and now want to play with 5 people in a group with interaction? - Would you dedicate your time to become a BG GM to monitor the AFKing? Because AFKing would increase tenfold because you wonthave bracketcaps and such (it would extreme FFA). The only thing that would grant you an increase of your honortab would be staying in BGs. The depressive AFKing would be even worse with your change... I repeat myself but: Get your daily dose of PvP outdoors. Go to the fire circle in Arathi, contest Devilsaur in Ungoro or other zones where highly contested loot is tobe found. There you WILL get heavy group PvP that isnt AFKing but actual PvP to the death and camping thereafter. I think you are some lonewolf who wants to achieve something in this game without putting in the effort to get to know people and play with them. Farm your PvP BiS in dungeons, raids and BGs and have fun anywhere in the world or in small group premades.
  25. I assumed as you propose changes that would break the game for anyone who would like to rank so YOU can have some random PvP fun, yeah not gonna happen. Go find some friends and raid alliance towns if you want PvP fun. "Bracket mafia" is as old as ranking itself. As soon as people figured out that ALL people who rank would gain ranks alot faster when there is an honorcap and brackets, they were established. Go make 4 friends and stall the premades, you say you dont play for ranking so an hour long turtle warsong might just be the thing you'd like. Snipe enemy premade games and let them pay for their ranking effort.