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  1. Sbd

    20-29 Thread

    anyone up for a BFD run rite quick? gearing my lock (horde). been lfg for more than an hour. I'll pay you back with <3 and dope 29 skills. name=Neagley
  2. Sbd

    Trouble logging in

    same If i hit cancel, it'll allow me to join another server, but with Elysium it just does the above.
  3. Sbd

    Engineering 225+ (and specialization)

    Doesn't answer your question, but look at in case you're headed in the same direction.
  4. Sbd

    Looking for Addon - QuestHelper

  5. Sbd

    Druid PVP - is it true

    That's the spirit.
  6. Sbd

    Druid code

    damnit, I'll be Edward Norton-shower-raped for this.. I don't initiate on druids. Don't tell my parents. I'll be disowned. I guess it's because you're all the under-rep'd class.. i dunno.
  7. You're not seeing the beauty of this- The reason pvp>pve servers. This scenario would be completely different if you just made a few friends or joined a guild and asked for their help. A few minutes later you're in a nice, bloody, respectable Player VS Player fight. Then you can proceed to dance on their corpses. C'mon, look harder. See the magic. Embrace it.
  8. Please tell me you're asking this so you can help the weaker faction. Unless you're not, in which case you probably wouldn't help anyway.
  9. Sbd

    20-29 Thread

    Were you able to get your account back?
  10. Sbd

    What class?

    True, but this guy's coming from playing a hunter. i jokes. ;)
  11. Sbd

    What class?

    Leveling a warrior is actually fun when you have a main to help with gear.