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  1. Jabark

    Server Cap or Merge Servers

    Yes, that could work, but that's the point. Elysium is a volunteer project. Items that are low on the MoSCoW rating such as "could's" just aren't going to be prioritised.
  2. This isn't a suggestion...
  3. Jabark

    Server Cap or Merge Servers

    You can't merge a later patch realm with an earlier patch realm. You'd have to remove loads of items that aren't available in earlier patches, and that's just not happening. I don't see Elysium bumping everyone on Elysium up to Anathema's timeline either, that'll just piss off the vast majority of the community!
  4. Jabark

    Dhralla's Hunter Guide

    So the code for hit cap has now changed: https://github.com/elysium-project/server/commit/505f834e3980a752b6fa3d8c2dfa34357619ca78 For those who want to work out what the hit % required is for each weapon skill now, I created this little JavaScript snippet: https://jsfiddle.net/pd9zs9yr/
  5. So I logged on this afternoon to participate in the fishing event in STV that runs 2pm to 4pm server time. Firstly, my recollection of it in retail is that the coast in STV was littered with pools, however when I arrived there was only one, and there seemed to be only one or two up and any given point. Secondly, they all seemed to disappear after 3pm server time, an hour earlier than they're supposed to. This was on Darrowshire. We missed the first 15 minutes of it due to the server being down, and then had it cut short an hour. Makes my search for a lucky fishing hat rather difficult!
  6. Jabark

    Dhralla's Hunter Guide

    How come Bone Golem Shoulders aren't in the Pre-BiS list?
  7. Jabark

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    One thing that annoys me is the lack of BG's before 60. I think there are like, none, on each of the servers. A "fix" Blizzard did was to allow you to queue for a battleground from wherever in the world from level 10, and then when you exited the BG you carried on from the point of which you entered. I think Blizzard didn't do this until TBC, but I also think that if we implemented it on all Elysium realms it would only improve things. To those who want to reply with "OMGZORZ TIS NUT BL!ZZLYK!!1!!one!!", well Blizzard realised it could be improved, and they did. I personally think adding that ability will take nothing away from the "vanilla purity" of the game.
  8. Personally I think it would be better for the timelines for Elysium and Darrowshire should be sped up so all three are on the same patch. When they're on the same patch it opens the door for transfers between all three realms, and for cross-realm battlegrounds. However, a temporary fix for the morale of some players on Elysium and Anathema might be to allow a one-way transfer for a short period of time as the OP suggested. I don't think it would benefit Darrowshire to be included in this because (A) they have less population than Anathema, and (B) most of the people who WOULD take the transfer away from Darrowshire would probably be horde players, and it's already very badly skewed in Alliance's favour as it is. Darrowshire Alliance player.
  9. "I'm level 60, but I still want to enjoy the lower level dungeons" Erm, roll an alt (or two)?
  10. I don't think the time and effort for this is worth it. You want to PVP without being ganked? Simple. Roll on Darrowshire and do BG's, like every other person that swings that way.
  11. On the face of it, this sounds like a great idea, however because each of the servers are on a different patch, it would actually be really unfair. Darrowshire, Elysium and Zeth'Kur don't have the STV fishing competition yet, so neither of them are able to get the Lucky Fishing Hat or Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots, which puts them at a disadvantage to Anathema. Joining up Elysium and Zeth'Kur would have been a great idea as they're on the same patch, but then they've decided to drop Zeth'Kur . I still think Elysium should try and implement something like:
  12. I wanted to grab a load of quests in Tanaris to do together, and found that there's one that isn't obtainable on Darrowshire. My question is, should it be? The quest: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?quest=8366 I'm level 45 and figure I should be able to get, however I did notice a comment on there that said: We've gone up a few patches since then, so which patch should it be out in? I also saw this post that didn't get a reply: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/31072-some-quests-missing/
  13. Jabark

    Server merges

    You make a valid point :(