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  1. Xzane

    TBC servers

    are you 12?
  2. I already got hacked and im just grateful it was at level 13 (lost around 4g). No point in changing your password multiple times i'd say just use the authenticator
  3. Xzane

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    super helpful. thank you
  4. Xzane

    Enable donations please

    what else is the paypal there for? why don't you donate through there? takes 3seconds to make a paypal and put your credit card on it..
  5. Xzane

    Autoloot Pickpocket?

    Anyone know if there is an addon/macro to Autoloot when pickpocketing? (same as when you loot a mob after it's dead)
  6. fyi they have said they have been working on their own core even while the nost one was active. so it's not starting from the bottom
  7. Not getting ported anywhere, just a rename
  8. Xzane

    Rogue level 20 poison quest bugged?

    I did the quest earlier today, I had to get picklock 70 then picklocked the box behind him, then killed the big Undead guy downstairs and looted the item. maybe there's different ways of doing it idk
  9. Xzane

    Rogue level 20 poison quest bugged?

    you picklock the box behind them, then downstairs outside the tower there is an Undead you kill for 1 of the items, not sure which is which
  10. Xzane

    Account Hacked overnight

    Constant protection on with daily scans, but thanks anyway for the advice. :)
  11. Xzane

    Account Hacked overnight

    What can be done to fix this?