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  1. Squeaky_Wheel

    After Disconnect you fall thru ground

    every single time, when you are above any "cavity" you disconnect and when you connect back you are inside the cave underground...
  2. Squeaky_Wheel

    Account banned after server restart

    i get the same error, :) i think it is a server problem because sometimes it says i am banned and sometimes it disconnects me etc...
  3. Squeaky_Wheel

    Tank Weapon --> Slow or Fast

    is there an updated list somewhere? also, does my hammer of the vesper is "good enough" to waste an enchant on it? or should i try to get timeworn mace?
  4. Squeaky_Wheel

    Tank Weapon --> Slow or Fast

    then i have a question: in the pre-raid best in slot weapon list (which is stickied in this forum) there is an axe hedgecutter http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=18498 with 12 stamina and 5 str dps 39.5 . but the mace Hammer of the Vesper http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=18683 is not in that list while having 12 stamina 7 str and 40.2 dps in my ignorance i assumed that this is because the axe is faster! (1.9 speed axe vs 2.5 speed hammer) if the speed does not matter why then the axe is in pre raid BIS and the mace is not?
  5. Squeaky_Wheel

    serveur down ?

    second time
  6. Squeaky_Wheel

    How is the AV battleground?

    on the PVE server nobody runs AV unless it is on AV week.
  7. Squeaky_Wheel

    Thorium Brotherhood question

    nobody? this is from the old Nost forums: https://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=14940 are we still in 1.4 timeline while this quest is added in 1.6? i thought we are already in 1.8!
  8. well, two questions: 1) the sign in front of the tower in thorium point should give the following quest: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?quest=7728 but it isnt... is it a bug? or this quest is a later in timeline addition to the game ? 2) i am friendly with the thorium brotherhood but i cannot submit the dark iron residue ( no such option, no quest http://db.vanillagaming.org/?quest=7737 ) at the NPC. so, how do i level friendly to honored? only dark iron at the NPC inside the inn in blackrock depth? ty
  9. Shagu hi, i have a feature request, or at least if you can tell me if such thing is possible: an addon for tank that is a small grid of target frames; all mobs in the area who have aggro on the party, (lets say up to 6 targets?) when the enemy is targeting you it is in green color, as soon as an enemy targeting somebody else, it shifts to red. and if i click the mob on this grid, it becomes my target. so it is easier to target mobs who switch target to party members. EDIT: there is an addon named: CombatSentryGizmo which gives me the enemy bars on the side, but i cant target the enemy from clicking on the bars.
  10. Squeaky_Wheel

    Leveling as Protection, is it suicide?

    I have leveled to 60 as protection spec from the first talent point. it is slow but possible. 1 mob is ok even if it is higher level than you, but two mobs is hard, three mobs impossible. sometimes it is frustrating because if you have to clear the way to some objective the mobs behind you will respawn before you move on. while leveling; as soon as you can use dual wield use it instead of two handers, 3/3 improved revenge makes sword n broad style cool again, shield bash casters etc... .
  11. Squeaky_Wheel

    Immediate "Disconnected From Server"

    can confirm, changing the realmlist to ip address doesnt help still cant login
  12. Squeaky_Wheel


    cant login also.
  13. Squeaky_Wheel

    SageFish cooking level?

    have this error also, bought the recipes, have 50 sage fish and cant cook them :) anybody knows when we will be able to cook them?
  14. I could not enter the AV the whole last week. the average wait time is always "unavailable" is this known issue or it just happen to be my issue? o_O ty :)