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  1. You probally could of did arathi basin for 1-2 hours and got more tottal honor. It was fun tho regardless of the outcome. Good luck next time.
  2. dirtnasti

    When does agility become better than strength ?

    Mind giving me a quick run down on this. In my head critt would be valuable tell 100%. And with world buffs and bwl gear you would only be around 50%. So why would the next 50% be worth less?
  3. Level as 2h fury or arms, keep ur weapon up to date. Get the pvp trinket asap. Buy stacks of healing potions from the auction house. L2 kite mobs inbetween auto attack swings. Zerker rage on cd against mobs, its free rage(dps). Sweepingstrikes+whitlwind is retarded strong. Try to be nice to priests,paladin,shamans(important)
  4. You will never be a 1v1 god as a warrior, the class just lacks the utility/cc, so get use to getting shit on in wpvp. But you can burst like a motherfkr and tear shit up in bg's and wpvp with the right spec/trinkets and consumables. Watch some youtube videos or ask yesmaster/ireck on horde side or tribe/gilnash ally side for tips in game.
  5. dirtnasti

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    Please reconsider bumping up pvp gear update(r10gear) on elysium, updating gear at AQ patch is farrr too late. Either update it after BWL patch like on nostaltius or mayby even ZG patch.
  6. FAKE NEWS gnomes the best warr race
  7. dirtnasti

    Ret dps in dungeons while leveling?

    Level as ret the entire way to 60, as long a you have a second set of +healing and intel gear you will be fine. Then respec when you want to start doing end game 5mans and raids.
  8. dirtnasti

    Ret dps in dungeons while leveling?

    I find ret and feral to do really good dps up untill level 40+. Around that level they start getting outshined by rogues/mages. Also after level 50 pre raid gear starts dropping and rogues/warriors are less likely to bring ret dps into there groups. You should still be able to build up a ret set as a holy paladin just by taking drops that the other players in the group already have tho.
  9. What is currently the BIS food buffs for raiding on the elysium timeline? (caster,melle,tank and healer) Also is the quest for Smoked Desert Dumplings in the game yet?
  10. dirtnasti

    How to know when to upgrade from your WW axe

    Overpower, WW and slam all benefit from a slow 2hander even as 2h fury.
  11. dirtnasti

    Charge and intercept are broken.

    If you watch old vanilla pvp videos warriors could dismount and charge an opposing player on a 100% mount running away from the warrior. On elysium servers it drops you off at least 10 yards away from the player at the point he was when you charged and not where he is now. Its incredibly frustrating because sometimes you will even be out of peircing howl range. And on top of that sometimes you get a mini stun where you have to release your w key or mouse buttons quickly to actually start moving forward again.
  12. dirtnasti


    Horde players on suicide watch.
  13. dirtnasti

    Elysium PVP - Warrior Sets / Old Stats

    It was a terrible change for any warrior who planned on ranking to 10 for a slight edge since dungeon gear is now better than rank 10. The blue sets were never an issue outside of mages/warlocks who used a 2pce tell BWL. As of right now there is no sense in ranking unless you go the whole way to 14 as warrior. Most PVP warriors also raid and put more time into the character than your typical dragonslayer, why should they be on even footing?
  14. dirtnasti

    Elysium PvP Battlegrounds

    It doesn't even matter, the pvp scene is gonna be фекал if the pvp sets are nerfed tell naxx.