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  1. Moiz

    Lupos vs BT

    My point was to address the idea that this does not necessarily "generate the greatest damage in the shortest amount of time", unless 'the time' is selectively chosen to be an interval where broken tooth is ahead. Sure, if you're talented into Frenzy you're upping your chances of getting the haste buff in a given window, but this still doesn't necessarily equate to achieving the greatest damage in the shortest amount of time since a different pet could also get the haste and we're back to the same damage as the rest of the pet family. We could also consider other circumstances, such as snare, fear and roots, by which the pet doesn't get as much up time on the player, in which case we want a slower attacking pet to ensure 'the greatest damage in the shortest amount of time'. Either way, if we're looking for a reliable way of getting the highest burst from our pet (a 3s window, say), surely a wind serpent would be the better choice? Lupos is an outlier and is eventually nerfed so it's irrelevant for those not on Elysium. In my view, the benefits of faster attacking pets for pvp is spell pushback, not damage.
  2. Moiz

    Lupos vs BT

    I'm pretty sure GCD of pets is 1.5s and the attack speed refers only to their auto attack.
  3. I've noticed this. It always coincides with when the server has delay and never happens when the server is running smoothly (<6k). If i'm playing at peak times i always send the pet in first to counteract the issue.
  4. Wouldn't merging all servers into 1 TBC realm be kinda brutal? 10k+ in something that's about 1/4 the size of Azeroth... sounds painful ha. What about opening up transfers from Elysium to Anathema now and allowing the populations to equalise, then closing the transfers and proceeding each realm to TBC on their own.
  5. Moiz

    Stonescale Eel

    Yes. Pools are simply a concentration of a specific fish already found in that water.
  6. Moiz


    I'd wager that you'll also end up enjoying the game more if your spells are bound to keys. It feels like you're more involved with the environment of your character since you're reacting to it by an extension of your person. Clicking is somewhat pedestrian. Although maybe that's just me. As far as speed and efficiency goes though think of it like this... the moment you begin to move your cursor towards a spell icon that you want to click is also the moment you would have pressed the key, so the spell would already be done or on the way.
  7. Moiz

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    I envisioned you double-tapping the key to get the functionality you're after since you don't have to wait for the special to fire to cancel auto.
  8. Moiz

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    /script SpellStopCasting() works, so you could put that in with the spell and it would act as a kind of toggle. You'll need to put the stopcast line before the spell line i think. Alternatively you could use /cast Arcane Shot(rank 1) /script ClearTarget() end; /script TargetLastTarget() The end isn't valid (so it's going to give error), but it'll make the macro functional. Can't think how to do it correctly at the mo. You'll need to press the key a second time to reacquire target.
  9. Open up EQL options. Reset them. Then select auto track again.
  10. I think all except TBC and Wrath were pretty good up to and including the first tier of gear. After that power started to go through the roof and inherent balance of spells and classes started becoming an issue. TBC there wasn't enough power and everything ended up as attritional drain games. Wrath was powerful from the start and it just got more crazy as time went on. I suppose cata was the most balanced to me, but it still became daft towards the end.
  11. Moiz

    What mats come from certain lvl items?

    No idea about guides or posts but add ons can do it. Aux and enchantrix can both display on the tooltip the chance of what something disenchants into. Aux can be found in the Add On forum. Enchantrix with internet search. Other than that you could go db.vanillagaming.org and search for an item, then check the disenchant tab. Dust has the highest chance of coming from uncommon/green armour. Vision dust is 31-39 i think.
  12. Moiz

    Weapon proficiency bug

    Fist is unarmed.
  13. Moiz

    Pet bar keybinds?

    They're also in the keybindings menu. Ctrl + # is default for them if memory serves. Special action 2 or something they're called i think, although i might be wrong on that.
  14. Moiz

    Oily Blackmouth

    Recently, past few months, after they removed the pools and the reintroduction of pools on Anathema confirms these are decent locations for them. As for percentages, i'd guess at around 10%, slightly higher percentage wouldn't surprise me though. Desolace being the best if you want to target oily only, i think. I don't recall them ever being a low level fish on Nost/Ana, they were always these zones for the most part. The lowest zone i recall catching them is STV i think, but i wouldn't go there if i wanted oily specifically.
  15. Moiz

    Oily Blackmouth

    Desolace and feralas are good places. Tanaris, moonglade and azshara are somewhat ok as well. i don't play on Elysium, but these are where they are most likely to be caught.