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  1. Selling staff of jordan on alliance side, 450g and it's yours http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=873 contact me in-game name: Rodern
  2. Rodern

    Ironfoe: How many runs did it take you?

    got it on nost on my 2nd-3rd run while trying to get HoJ :p Then, a few runs later, it dropped again. Noone in group could use it so we gave it to a druid. If only it wasnt a main hand weap.. Ironically, it took me around 10-12 runs to get HoJ
  3. Polished obsidian shoulders (BoE shoulders from AQ) are also nice :) http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=21805
  4. Rodern

    <A> Selling Warden staff

    Selling Warden staff, must have for druid tanks: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=943 Give an offer and pst Rodern in-game
  5. Rodern


    Slam is awesome for levelling up untill lv 40. Get a swing timer addon to time it correctly by using it right after whites :) I recommend abar. It also has some hilarious uses in pvp for oneshotting: 40 sec in
  6. Rodern

    DM Farming - Still Possible?

  7. Hi, Back when Nostalrius shut down, I tried transfering my character to anathema using the token. I got the response "Your Nostalrius Token was already consumed. ..." I fear that someone has gotten access to the token before me and has already transfered it. It was seen on Realmplayers and i found that the character name was already taken. I wrote an in-game ticket on the matter and got following response: http://imgur.com/a/EiJMo The problem is that i dont think the character is deleted. I think it's sittting on a different account that i do not know of. Is it possible for you to locate him? And is it possible for you to transfer the character to my account on Anathema? I have all details on him to verify. Best regards
  8. I just sent an in-game ticket on the matter also
  9. Hi! Back when you and Nostalrius offered tokens, I attempted to transfer my account but got a message along the line of "Your Nostalrius Token was already consumed. ..." My character has been seen on Anathema according to Realmplayers, and the character name has already been taken. I'd die for getting my character back. Can you please contact me and help me recover him? I have a bunch of information to verify that the character really belongs to me. Best regards :-)
  10. Rodern

    Character Restoration from Nost

    Indormi, can i get please get in contact with you, My character seem to have been transfered according to Realmplayers, and the character name has also already been taken. Please send me a message as i would love to get him back!
  11. Rodern

    Character recovery

    Hi, I'm writing this in hope of getting access to my 60 warrior whom i transfered from Nostalrius. After Nostalrius got shut down i transfered my character to Elysium but never got access to it. Now i can see on realmplayers.com that my character has been seen on anathema 2 months ago I have detail regarding the account, character, etc. I hope you can help!
  12. Sorry for trying to get through to you this way, i know i'm just one in a thousand! - After inserting Nost token i got this: Your Nostalrius Token was already consumed. You can recover your account here. - I went to https://elysium-project.org/recover/nostalrius in incognito, inserted nost mail and name on main char and got this: No '--Main character name--' was found as a top most character in the character list of any account registered with '--Nostalrius email--'. - I also tried to make a character with same name as main character name from nost; apparently it was already taken. And its not "Swifty" or something equally as unoriginal Thx in advance