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  1. why would you shoot yourself in the knee on purpose if you could get wbuffs and cleave through zg? hardcore guilds feel urged to get everything possible to up their performance, and on a fresh release its the nature of competition.
  2. Did he just give the DB with Scriptcraft? If so, i dont think he would gift his work to Elysium with the tbc code
  3. I was sad when they first announced to not give the updated set before aq, because my incentive to play warrior was to do pvp and get to rank 10 on this server so i could have some fun pvp'ing and get a reasonable set to mix with some dungeon gear to do some raids for fun / have gear that lasts a bit longer than pre 60 leveling gear. After the announcement came i was already on the grind somehow and didnt want to stop. I personaly wouldnt grind to r10 again when the set comes available, be that planned with aq (obv too late to be worth going for) or even now with zg. For people who start pvping here this might be a nice change and with zg the set items for casters are kinda on par, so the pvp set is not overpowered. For now im using my gear for style, because lets be honest its good for nothing else. Nosts approach was loved by many and hated by some (because they didnt upgrade the r13 set at the same time, the blue set was better). So updating the blue and epic set at the same time should be the right and only choice, and for that i must say zg might be too soon. signing out with an unclear oppinion.
  4. Crixx

    Deutschsprachige Spieler auf Elysium gesucht

    Aus Erfahrung kann ich sagen, dass die Deutschen auf dem Server hier relativ gut vertreten sind. Es gibt auf beiden Fraktionen auf Elysium viele deutsche Gilden, nur ließt hier keiner das Unterforum bzw. Forum generell. Halte einfach mal Ausschau im /world oder frage da nach... Viel Glück
  5. One does not simply lower player cap on vanilla private servers! Server is pretty dead <8000 players if you ask in world chat :P
  6. I suggest you delete your WDB folder in your wow directory, in case any serverside database changes (item stats updates) took place so you have the stats and items correct, it's only a visible issue though
  7. Crixx

    Major Screw-Up Honor.

    so basically i believe the people shouting the fix didnt work either played on tuesday and got advantage last week so they feel like they got decayed or didnt progress as much as they thought or / and they are missing their tuesday honor at all, which is the case if they played tuesday. fix for this would be to restore the tuesday honor somehow, but that would mean you have to do the whole calc again.
  8. Crixx

    Major Screw-Up Honor.

    sounds like you played on tuesday last week so the 20k gave u a good amount of rp because the standings were broken due to the bug. when they removed the calculation form tuesday you lost your "unfair" progress and + your 70k this week you ended up where you should have been. atleast thats how it was for me. unfortunately i didnt play on tuesday so i got decayed bigtime lost about 50% in my r9, and now im back at 77% , restored the decay from tuesday misscalc and got my 2 weeks of 120-140k ish back. seems alright
  9. Crixx

    Honor bug

    it is not on their priority and so it wont get fixed. someone got this from a chat with a gm, so hope is lost. thank you elysium for wasting 2 weeks of gameplay while others get unfair advantage. this is totally shit.
  10. Crixx

    Honor bug

    would this have been anything regarding pve and players obtaining loot they shouldnt have gotten for example with an id resetting bug, bans would fly and they would instantly try to reverse the "unfairness". but since its only the pvpers they dont even care. nice server
  11. Crixx

    Honor bug

    yeah i feel robbed too. Lost 2 weeks of pvping while others gained a big amount of unfair advantage due to playing on tuesday and got items they shouldnt have. why wasnt this rollbacked after they realised it on wednesday ? is there no backup before server maintanance?
  12. Crixx


    i really hope you can change it....i nearly lost my motivation i was so close to my r10 goal and now im at 6% again in fkn r9 gg
  13. Crixx

    Time to level 60

    8-10days played as /played ingame that is. so 8-10x 24hours of playtime
  14. Crixx

    Honor bug

    would be intereseting to see how they handle players who got high brackets due to playing on tuesday and bought their gear already. will this be taken away? i mean Bracket 1 with 79k honor is a joke. pls fix. Only handling the progress in the bar wont be enough you have to reverse the last honor update ( the one which counted tuesday as a whole week) and take the gear from the players who didnt earn the rankups.
  15. Crixx

    Honor bug

    same, fix pls