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  1. Do folks actually post replies here? Or is this just effectively shouting in an empty room?
  2. From what I see, it looks like in game tickets don't do anything? I don't see a pending ticket icon or anything. It just gives a message about going to the bug tracker.. Is there an email address I can send the situation to?
  3. Logged in today and my character was naked at the character select screen. "That's odd", I thought. I load in and quickly I realize something is obviously wrong. I'm standing next to the mailbox in IF, completely naked. Gear sold, bag and bank contents emptied, and all my gold - GONE. Literally minutes from getting 60 and I can't even go level as I have nothing left on this account. I've submitted an in game ticket - and I suppose I just wait? I've never played on a Private Server before, in any game. Ever. I'm not using the same login information of any other account I have (in retail, etc.) I suppose I just wait... I sure can't get a group to carry my naked ass through dungeons.. I'm bloody devastated.
  4. Koar

    45-50 quest slump?

    That range is tough. It took me 6+ hours each to level in that range. Yesterday I did 56-57 in about 3.5 hours. That's how it was in Vanilla. It gets better. It's also a good time to simply grind an area, to start saving for your epic mount.
  5. Just submitting this as a bug, and didn't see any official bug report form to do so. Not a huge deal, but the Black Stallion mount icon buff, shows as a Nightmare mount icon. Simple fix I am sure.
  6. Here's an idea of what's available now and what's coming: https://elysium-project.org/timeline
  7. What email client are you using? Hotmail/Outlook and other providers have been having issues receiving the confirmation emails. Try again with a Gmail account.
  8. Except in Vanilla WoW, the /ignore list has a hard limit.
  9. You can use whatever made up word/phrase you have copy and pasted from any one of the usual breeding grounds. Neither apply or bother me. But continue posting - it's cool.
  10. There's a difference between "being a snowflake" and just not wanting to deal with the literal 24/7 flood of political trolling that goes on in General. There's no "discussion" being had in General, let's be honest. It's a breeding ground for trolls and nothing else.
  11. How many more times are you going to use SJW, in some kind of ill-attempt to illicit a response from people?
  12. Which raises even more questions: Why are you here posting then? And did you really just e-high five yourself by adding 'REKT' to your own post?