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  1. Talonari

    Lifestealing/Shadow Oil

    Yeah that's what I was thinking, just couldn't remember if the wep skill would of just had diminishing returns or just stop, can remember 310 being a mark of some sort just couldn't remember which. Will enchant my Zin then 8-)
  2. Talonari

    Lifestealing/Shadow Oil

    Human so that's a tasty 13 wep skill, I know it reduces how effective it is after a certain point but will increase glancing damage and further reduce dodges would it not?
  3. Talonari

    Lifestealing/Shadow Oil

    Ok, think I will keep to lifestealing then. @Theloras I have a Zin'Rokh and an Obsidian Edge at the moment, I know looking at higher base damage and slower speed that Zin'Rokh should be the better weap but before I go and enchant another weapon with Lifesteal, would the strength and wep skill and Obsidian make any comparable difference compared to Zin? I am hit capped already anyway.
  4. Talonari

    Lifestealing/Shadow Oil

    Hi guys, Just a quick one as I have been debating this in my head over and over again. However with regards to Lifestealing being mentioned multiple times for the best Ret weapon enchant, does this actually scale with SP as I am currently not seeing any benefit from this? Or are we just using it more as just a way to boost vengeance uptime? Also in raids would Shadow Oil be a good choice over elemental sharpening stones? as this scales with SP quite well and can also crit meaning more vengeance uptime as well as benefitting from lock and SP debuffs, I imagine that especially at later gear levels for Ret that the sharpening stone will take over in terms of a DPS increase but for lower gear levels I am unsure.
  5. Talonari

    Actual 2h hit cap?

    Okay, so going over my logs for Ony last night and whilst doing other stuff such as farming, dungeons etc while paying close attention I wasn't getting any misses, just the usual dodges every so often. This was after clearing my WTF and WBD folder though, will continue to monitor it but I find it strange that they would affect it in some way :s.
  6. Talonari

    Actual 2h hit cap?

    Indeed and I think that's showing my lightforge based set most likely. Will see what happens, doing Ony tonight so I will record the run and look go through it, running some dungeons at the moment as well to test some more.
  7. Talonari

    Actual 2h hit cap?

    No I'm on Darrowshire where ZG is very much open haha. And I already am aware of what you have mentioned, I cleared my WBD when I came onto the Elysium servers, gear shows as it should for the relevant patch on Darrowshire
  8. Talonari

    Actual 2h hit cap?

    Nah this is on both white and ability hits from command procs. Trying some stuff and testing it further, see if I can get to the bottom of this ¬_¬
  9. Talonari

    Actual 2h hit cap?

    Also playing human with unstoppable force so I have that going on my hit rating as well.
  10. Talonari

    Actual 2h hit cap?

    200% certain, I can get like 2 in a row at times then followed by an actual dodge, dps drops like a rock! I don't know if clearing the WTF and WBD folders out may correct it, current client was originally downloaded and used for Kronos ages ago so I don't know if that might have something to do with it but I would of thought it shouldn't cause a problem with that. I'm genuinely stumped :s
  11. Talonari

    Actual 2h hit cap?

    Yeah that's standard, my problem is I am still getting actual misses which is getting a little frustrating haha.
  12. Talonari

    Actual 2h hit cap?

    So I have been playing ret this time around instead of going prot like I normally do. Now as far as I am aware normally the hit cap of 2h weapons is somewhere between 8-9%. However I have two gear sets, a lightforge based set for more mana, for more consec and sp during AoE fights like the panther boss in zg, this sits me on 8% including talents. My other gearset is currently sitting me 10%. I still miss and quite frequently. So what is the actual cap? Or is my shit bugged and the talents are not adding the 3% because that's what it feels like at the moment!
  13. Talonari

    Fresh 60 pally, where to start?

    Agree here 100% go for BRD items and then combine naglering with drake claw band? I'm sure that's the name of it. But Eagle version is the aim, some people might say strength instead of int but more mana means more holy shield uptime etc which is more mitigation and threat Scholo is where most of the good armor you want drops but it is one of the harder dungeons so have some gear before going in here preferably. Also there is an easy to obtain really good tanking chest from the Fordring quest line, if this is available yet anyway, haven't had the time to level that fast and check yet haha.
  14. Talonari

    Paladin newbie

    Welcome to Elysium :). In regards to leveling It would depend which server you were looking at, for the pve server go the standard pve ret spec route. If you are planning on the pvp server though go with the leveling spec theloras suggest, more survivability and reck bomb in general are awesome things, however I leveled on a pvp server as deep ret and had no issues but it's up to you. For gear a lot of what you want can be found on the guides, however lightforge as a set isn't too bad for a good balance of stats and with everything working as it should here you will see improvements from the set bonuses etc. It won't cause you to have the best damage output compared to the full on dps gearing style but you will have more mana to play with allowing you to support your team more etc so it's down to how you like to play.
  15. Talonari

    Ret Pala

    Ret Paladin can be viable and can do respectable DPS, as already said you will never match a Mage or Rogue, you can however if played and geared right, beat any other hybrid class and I have seen ret paladins who did play correctly back in the day of actual vanilla AND on private servers out dps hunters (not hard) and even arms and on occasion fury warriors, no word of a lie. You also bring far more ultility which if you can mix that in there while still managing to keep the numbers good then you are playing another level. The main problem with ret is a stereotype, its going off from 10+ years ago when people didn't have a clue what they were talking about or what they were doing, even those of us that were in top tier guilds had no way near as much knowledge or info as we do now when working with Vanilla stats and mechanics. Theloras has written an amazing guide with a lot of detail as to how to get the best out of Ret and how mechanics for it work etc, would advise giving it a thorough read so you can understand the class more. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/23030-theloras-retribution-guide/